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Name: Tyler Alexander
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Tucker, GA
Relationship status: “Very single.” 
Instagram: @oj_tyba 
What brought you to Georgia State? 
“Well I play soccer here, so that brought me”.
What position?
What do you like to do outside of school?
“Besides soccer, I really like finding new music and making playlists. I try playing piano too. I make a decent attempt at it every once in a while. I’m also a Netflix addict.”
What’s a song you can’t get enough of right now?
“’Sunday Candy’ by Chance the Rapper, it’s super catchy.”
What shows are you watching on Netflix?
“Right now, I’m watching House of Cards and Parks & Rec I just started watching The Americans and Workaholics series.”
On a scale of 1-10, from “I could put it down if I want to”, to “I actually need therapy”, where’s your Netflix addiction?
“I’ll put it this way: sometimes when my team wants to go out and spend money in Buckhead, I’m just like ‘Eh, I’d rather sit and watch something on my computer.’”
Do you have a mantra you like to live by?
“Just be happy. If I smile, you smile back.”
Biggest pet peeve?
“Roommates eating my food, that’s a big no-no; and when people smack their gum really loudly, it kind of irritates me.”
Guilty pleasure?
“I really like walking or biking around the city to places I’ve never been before.”
What’s been some of the most exciting places you’ve gone to in Atlanta? 
“Probably the Cabbagetown area and the Beltline.”
What do you look for in a girl?
“Confidence, easiness to talk to, and humor. Bang, bang, bang!”
What do you think is your best feature?
“Probably my freckles, because that makes girls inquire about what my background is. I usually get Hispanic, but I’m biracial for the sake of the interview [chuckles].”
Any relationship advice?
“Don’t rush into them. Just let them happen.”
What do you want to do in marketing?
“One of my long term goals is to work with the MLS team Atlanta is going to acquire in 2017. So I want to get on the marketing firm there and help make it a popular name here in the American 
soccer world.”
Not play for the team?
“[chuckles] Uh that’s a conversation for another time.”
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