Try This, Not That: The Period Problem

When it comes to products to help you get through your period, what do you traditionally use? Shelved pads and tampons that we probably saw our mothers and sisters use? Most likely, that's a yes and if it is, it might be time to switch up those traditional methods for something that is a lot more healthy for you and your lady parts.

A surge of subscription boxes, local brands or highly talked about alternative methods hit social media within the last two years, offering us monthly bleeding humans better way to handle the sometimes dreaded period problem. But how are those highly taxed and easily accessible items at our local drug store problematic? Many developers in the market that have created these better alternatives have found that many chemicals, including chlorine bleach to get that pristine white color, that are dangerously harmful to our bodies. In other words, death to drug store items (if you can help it)!


Many companies are not required to disclose what ingredients are in sanitary products because they are not considered a medical device, according to this article written on The Huffington Post.

These same chemicals used in the generation of sanitary pads and tampons are sometimes linked to the reason that you may be having a painful period. Fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer, toxic shock syndrome, endometriosis and many more complications could be the result of years of use of these big named products that we reach for on our shelves at the sign of our monthly friend. Understandably, it is hard to not go for these since they are so accessible.


However, if you are like me, then you enjoy online shopping and since we are online anyway then you should pay a visit (and a transaction) to these brands who are aiming to improve feminine health, one pad, tampon and sanitary wash at a time.

The Honey Pot Co.

The Honey Pot Co. is located in Atlanta, but distributes their products worldwide online and at many Target locations. This black owned brand has developed a line of plant based feminine wash and wipes that you can find in almost any Atlanta area Target and has an online selection of natural and organically curated sanitary pads. While they currently do not have their tampons available for retail (sorry sis) they do have an Indiegogo fundraiser located on their site to add the high demand product to their inventory. Let’s keep supporting them!


The Honest Company

If you have ever been browsing in the baby aisle, then you have probably seen diapers from The Honest Company. To my surprise, they also offer sanitary pads in two different absorbencies, which is a huge plus. On their site, they also have other options when it comes down to your period needs. The Honest Co. offers tampons (non-applicator option available as well), panty liners for thongs and everyday wear and much more feminine care. Most of all, many of their products are offered in the stores for your convenience.


The Diva Cup

If you are over the whole notion of fumbling with pads and tampons, maybe the Diva Cup is something that you should try! This little invention is something that can be conveniently placed into your purse as you make your way through the day. Not only is it small but it is a healthy way to handle your period and everything that goes into it. Well, what does that mean? Like it was stated earlier, many products contain so many harmful materials that there are finally products that don’t. This little cup is inserted and is able to last you at maximum 12 hours with very simple clean up. What's even better is that this gem is available at Target stores!


Overall, we shouldn’t be weary to take back the health of our bodies, I mean after all it is very important; and a happy vagina is a healthy one! We have every right to outsource and want clean materials for the longevity of our lives. Remember that your health starts when you decide that you want to reclaim it and that those little changes make a huge difference in the flow of it all.