Thanksgiving Day As Told By Gossip Girl

*Kristen Bell voice* Hello, Georgia State collegiates. Thanksgiving is next week and when families get together, drama is just destined to occur. This Thanksgiving, make sure your table is set, the food is well-prepared, and you’re ready for an eventful day, because this Thanksgiving will be one for the books. Here is how your Thanksgiving might pan out.

You wake up early to start cooking. You’re ready to conquer the day, but you just need a few more minutes in bed.

Suddenly, you realize the whole family will be gathered at your house very soon.

People are beginning to arrive. The questions start. “How’s college?” “What are your post-graduation plans?” “When are you getting married? Oh wait, you aren’t even dating anyone, are you?”

Your favorite cousins arrive. Things are looking up. You head to the kitchen to get a drink.

Your aunt asks if you’re old enough to drink. This year, you can finally say yes! Take that Aunt Carol.

Dinner begins. You grab a plate and hope there’s plenty of macaroni and cheese. You take a seat and hope nobody else asks you important life questions. You just want to enjoy your day… and the mac and cheese.

Your younger cousin criticizes the side dish you made and were super proud of.

You got through dinner. Time for dessert. Your brother takes the last slice of pumpkin pie, so you have to settle with apple pie.


Some of your family watches football. Others take naps. You grab your cousins, head to the kitchen, spike your coffee, and gossip.

The time has come for everyone to leave. You walk your grandparents to the car and say goodbye to all 30 family members

You survived another Thanksgiving, so you decide to take a relaxing bubble bath.

Thanksgiving has its ups and downs, but it is so worth it.

Have a happy Thanksgiving collegiates!