Thank You, Mom

She is made of diamonds

That sparkle a thousand times

More than any other

That shine brighter than the stars

Of the skies

 holding hands at sunset

She is made of beauty

That is full of

Pure soul and heart

That nurture and heal

Her little calves


She is made of strength

That is full of

Hard work, efficiency and grit

That allows her

To keep pushing and moving forward


She is made of love

That priceless feeling

Of protection

That deeply covers the heart

With a gentle hug


She is made of laughter

The kind that is loud and wild

That pierce the ears

Creating a domino effect



She is made of wisdom

That is full of

Poise and experience

That is full of

Knowledge and no judgement


She is made of inspiration

Her words motivate me beyond my capacity

Words that ignite my fiery spirit

To make her proud

Every day


She is made of smiles

That brighten up my day

That erase tears from my eyes

That mirror the beauty of her face


She is made of faith

That is full of prayers

For her loved ones

That is full of teaching

Her babies

To let go and trust God

 grayscale photo of old couple holding hands

She is made of a thousand little pieces

From her personality to her soul

Each one

Unique and different

To make one amazing person


You are my life

You are my soul

You are my faith

You are my blessing

You are my perfect puzzle piece

I will love you to infinity and beyond

Thank you, Mom