Single on Valentine's Day? No Problem!

It’s the day filled with love, chocolate, and the colors red and pink. Valentine’s Day, you either love or hate it. A common dislike that circulates this holiday is the strong emphasis on being in a relationship. For some, the brutal realization of their single lifestyle is uncalled for, while others fantasize about their ideal partner. 

Regardless of what side you stand on, Valentine’s Day should be shifted to where the focus of love and care is centered around yourself. Forget everybody else. Here are the do’s and don’ts of being single on Valentine’s Day. 

Do: Buy Yourself Something Nice

You deserve it. Use this day to treat yourself to that one thing you’ve been holding off on or telling yourself you don’t need. There isn't a better satisfaction than knowing that the favorite items you own, you bought yourself. They‘re a subliminal reminder of how hard you’ve worked. Everyone needs to be rewarded at some point. Person using laptop holding credit card Photo by from Unsplash

Don’t: Compare Yourself to Others on Social Media

On a day like this, social media can be your downfall if you’re not mentally prepared. It’s okay to check in and see how everyone else is spending the holiday, but don’t let five minutes scrolling down your timeline turn into two hours of obsessing on how one couple had your dream date idea. Close the app, it’s not worth it.

Do: Check Up on Your Friends You might have some friends who are in the same position as you. Since they don’t have a significant other, send them a quick text or call them to remind them how much you love or appreciate them. You probably wouldn’t realize how much that small gesture would impact someone who’s feeling lonely and needs to be reminded of their value.

Don’t: Contact Old Partners

This one can’t be stressed enough. The pressure from the holiday can be very overwhelming, but don’t let that stress cause you to make a bad decision with someone who didn’t work out in the past. Value this time you have alone, and don’t seek validation from people that you’ve outgrown. 

Broken heart Photo by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

Do: Know Your worth

This time spent alone will only make you more prepared for when you do have the opportunity to spend it with a partner. Until that time comes, understand that you are worthy of self-love and respect. The best way to exercise understanding your worth is by catering to yourself. Your expectations will be defined, and the love that you seek will find you at the perfect time.

Twitches gif Carla Singer Productions Broomsticks Productions via Giphy Don’t let the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day leave you feeling bittersweet. Reprogram your perspective on the day and emphasize the importance of loving yourself when you don't have anyone to do it for you directly.