The "S" Word

No one:

Literally not a soul:

A random person who found her soulmate in high school: What? I can’t believe you are single! You are so pretty. It makes no sense that you don’t have a boyfriend. You must be crazy. Why are you single? 

multicolored LED heart on wall

Well… If you must know. I’m single because I’m picky. And when push comes to shove… I choose myself.

I decided I can only love another individual healthily if I’m at my best. In order to be at my best, I have to actively sow into my evolution. I have to choose me when no one else does. I have to pat my own back and chart my own paths. I have to know how to stand alone comfortably in order to build a life with another individual. 

Being single should not be looked down upon. It should be encouraged. Many will long for someone to cuddle up with on rainy days or someone to bask in the sun with but can’t handle their own company. If you don’t enjoy being with yourself, who will? So get to know yourself. Set aside time throughout your week to be alone.

Personally, I like to partake in spa days and indulge myself into a good playlist that I curated to cultivate self-love. Read that book, go to that restaurant, meditate, go cycling, and when you’re done-- do it again next week. Make it a habit to just be with yourself. Be so intentional with your growth that you don’t even notice when your next beau appears. 

Silver macbook by planner and flowers

It can be hard sometimes. But this process is necessary. The phase before the love of your life is crucial. It will set the tone for your relationship.

If you are not satisfied with being single then you won’t find that satisfaction within another human being. You’ll be searching your whole life for a love that is within. Anything your significant other brings to the table is excess. You were already well fed before they got here.

At the end of the day your first priority should be loving yourself, completely and abundantly.