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Relationships: Pandemic Edition

COVID-19 has affected a lot of things. School, work and let’s face it, basic everyday life. Yes, we talk about the virus all day everyday, but we don’t really discuss how it affects our love life. Let’s be real and get into the many ways this pandemic has affected our relationships. But don’t worry, we also have some solutions that may be able to make your relationship better than ever.

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Quarantine and social distancing have put relationships to the test. For a lot of people, this means you can’t see your partner. This can create a stronger bond or unmendable distance. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? For those with physical touch and quality time as their love languages, this is nothing to be enthusiastic about. This is just detrimental. But look at it as a new chapter for you or your relationship.You could put your heart to the test and try to make it work with scheduled FaceTime calls, visits or you can choose to just walk away. 

Let’s Talk About Sex

Lack of intimacy is a real thing. There are many forms of intimacy, but we’re talking about sex. Not being able to see your significant other also means not being able to sleep with your partner. And to be real, for a lot of us, sex is a need. This is the time to get creative. Don’t be shy and explore some new ways to satisfy your needs as well as your boo’s. Experimenting is fun and this can open new doors that can take your relationship to the next level.

Too Close

Being quarantined/social distanced with your boo sounds like a dream, and for some, it was/is. For others, it’s a nightmare. Having too much access to your significant other can cause you to see red. You may notice every little annoying thing about the person you love. Especially with little to no escape. Your relationship may be saved by making a solo spot for yourself and ensuring daily alone time with journaling or meditation to clear your mind from your partner.  [bf_image id="hzb75nhkbmkfgr3kj6nxx6q"]


Date ideas either went out the window or got SUPER creative. If eating out was your go to, you may find yourself stuck with your favorite spots closed. Or if they are open, you may just be on the fence about going. This problem can create your best dates yet. Now is the time to get innovative and show your significant other just how much effort you can put toward spending time with them. Some ideas are park dates, at home sip and paints, hiking, etc.

Dating is Dead

For those who were openly dating, you may not feel comfortable meeting new people right now. If you are, you may even feel bored dating. With a lack of places to go and so much else going on in the world, right now just may not be the best time. That’s okay. Though this seems like a bummer, it could be just what you need. Maybe this is the time to focus on yourself and just let things naturally flow. Take a step back and take a break from trying. Get even more focused on yourself so that you’re safe and even more ready for dating post pandemic.

Corona may know just how to hit us where it hurts, but that’s okay. We hit back! You’re not alone and we understand. Use these tips to restore your relationship or yourself. 

Moya Leung is a journalism major with a concentration in public relations and a marketing minor at Georgia State University. Her interests include social media management, fashion, public relations, writing & taking pictures. Her goal is to be a Public Relations Director or Social Media Manager for a major fashion company. If it has to do with fashion, marketing or socializing, she's there. Enjoy some of her writings here and keep up with her on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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