The Queen is Here and She Has New Music


Nicki Minaj is set to drop some new music on tomorrow April 12 at 1:00 p.m. and the Barbz are losing it after she posted the album artwork on Instagram earlier this week. Rightfully so, the hip hop Queen has been noticeably absent from the music scene in the most prominent way possible. While she comments and “likes” posts occasionally on Instagram, it is clear that she was up to something.

Who would’ve thought that two new singles would be the answer?


While many are basking in the excitement of some new Nicki hits, many of course are speculating that she is only dropping new music because Cardi B. released her freshmen album, “Invasion of Privacy” on last week. Less than a week after Cardi’s drop, you have your occasional shaders giving more hype to the speculation rather than the fact that she is dropping some potential summer heat. The biggest question of course is, why does society always love to put two of the most talented rappers who are women in our generation against each other for the sake of “tea” and drama? There is so much room for everyone.

The biggest problem however, are those backhanded supporters who start their argument off by saying, “I support everybody, but...” and what is even more mind blowing is that they are our biggest media personalities that so many people look to for facts and opinions. It is already problematic enough that women of color are seen as combative and un-supportive of each other, but it is an even bigger issue when our supporters, especially our men, encourage the childish behavior. I seriously doubt that boss women of their caliber, like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. wake up every morning figuring out how they can tear each other’s platform down. And I doubt even more that they lose sleep over what society wants them to be.


It is moments like these that we never get to bask in the accomplishments of women entertainers because social media and media outlets are always searching for the meat of the story when there sometimes isn’t one to begin with. It is beyond time that we focus on their talents instead of our own superficial makeup of what we think their motives are. Seriously, we as a society have to give these women room and remember that they are human too.


Nonetheless, we are so excited for you Nicki! From “Itty Bitty Piggy” all the way to “Super Bass” and even down to “Pills and Potions”, you always leave us with a banger. Not to mention that you are the only woman in rap to sell 5 million units PER album. Yes sis, you’re winning and we want you to keep at it.