Cardi B Has "Baby Bardi" On the Way and It Is Your Girl Boss Realness Come True

This past weekend has been three days full of surprises for the Bardi Gang, after Cardi B released her first studio album, “Invasion of Privacy”. The album track list has been taking over the charts, and she has received numerous amount of support from women and men alike, many who were skeptical of her success and labeling her a one-hit wonder after “Bodak Yellow”. Many would say she is in the prime of her career as she makes a steady rise to the top, keeping her humorous personality and unfiltered opinions at the forefront of her brand; and everyone thought Invasion of Privacy was the only surprise she had for us this weekend, until she revealed that she was pregnant during her performance on Saturday Night Live, confirming many online rumors that had been floating around for months. Now we all know the Internet loves a new celeb-baby, especially when the parents are two stars who are currently basking in the limelight, but as I began scrolling through the tweets and comments, I noticed a similar theme that was more heartbreaking, than heart-warming.

Source: Twitter

Cardi B announcing her pregnancy should be celebrated as much as Cardi B announcing her album; so why is that when this successful artist who is a woman, who has the means and support to raise a child, reveals that she is pregnant, people began to discuss the demise of her career? Though she is only a few years in, she continues to prove that she is more than just "Bodak Yellow" or "Bartier Cardi", and she is continuously working to solidify her place in the industry. She has taken herself from her lowest point and is going after her dreams, and everyone’s coins, while remaining true to who she is and where she came from. Her career has the potential to last for years to come, and her work ethic shows us that she is not planning on going anywhere, anytime soon.

Source: Twitter

So the bigger question is, why is it that society is still stuck in the mindset that women can’t have a growing career and a growing family at the same time? There always has to be some type of proof that women have fulfilled tasks A, B, and C so that we can go to the next step of having a family.  If they don’t get past those steps, it’s as if things will fall apart. If it reversed, and a woman chooses to start a family first, things have to be handled in the home to where the mother is taking years to raise the child before she can start focusing on her career. It is like society treats women’s lives as a seesaw with only one person playing on it, you can choose which side you want to put your all into; instead of acknowledging that you can have perfect balance and harmony when you give and take. History has proven time and time again that women can do it all. We are multifaceted, continually balancing our careers and home lives. We create new heights and rise to the occasion, while allowing ourselves to experience life in other avenues if we choose, whether it be through marriage or childbirth. These milestones don’t stop us; they elevate us.


Cardi B could have very well chosen not to have her child, if she felt like she wasn't ready or if she felt like her career may suffer; but she knew she could handle it. For all we know, this could’ve been exactly what she and Offset planned for this year, and her child will be her motivation to keep grinding, creating great music, and closing deals. Cardi serves a reminder to women that you indeed can have it all. There is no stopping what women can achieve because we are strong and resilient. We continue to break barriers that men have created for years, and we will continue to move as a powerful, unbreakable force. So congratulations to Cardi B on a successful first album and the bundle-of-joy to come. We can’t wait to see what you and Baby Bardi have in store.