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Netflix Show Captures The Reality of Women and Marriage

This year, the Georgia State University chapter of Her Campus has decided to give you an exclusive trip to Olympia with our annual Pink Week! Each day we highlighted a different greek goddess. On Wednesday, we focused on Hera. Hera is the goddess of goddesses, women, and marriage. This was explored with a virtual watch party! Can you guess what we viewed? Yes, we watched the early 2000s hit show, “Girlfriends”! 

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We set the perfect mood with our favorite snacks and refreshments and began viewing episode one! Episode one is titled, “Toe Sucking”. This episode shows us Joan’s passion for a “perfect life” and how she is desperate for a man to feel successful despite reaching great strides within her law firm. We meet Maya, Joan’s assistant and friend, who is characterized as “ghetto” by Toni. Toni is currently seeing Joan’s ex and is forever seeking luxury. Lastly, Lynn is a college student and the nonchalant, laid-back friend. William is the honorary member of the friend group and is a colleague of Joan’s. While William is never really welcomed by anyone, he makes his opinions known and adds true comedic relief to the show. 




This pilot episode alone gives the audience a glance into the chaos that is this friend group. With such different personalities and viewpoints, how can they survive and truly aid one another? Well, I would say this mirrors any friend group. Even though these women all have different backgrounds, they are all trying, and in the midst of trying they have each other to hold themselves accountable. What I truly admire about these women is that they never really give up on one another. Something internal always draws them back to fix whatever issue is at hand.

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“Girlfriends” introduces us to a seemingly dysfunctional group of women. Toni, Joan, Maya, and Lynn are very human, and “Girlfriends” explores their errors in logic along with the lessons they learn. We are given an inside look at these women who are simply growing and learning along with each other. The beauty of “Girlfriends” is that they all can find comfort in confiding in one another. They progress and very bluntly discuss any toxic patterns that have been displayed. These women all have unique backgrounds and testimonies and their only commonality is Joan which essentially binds them into this group. 

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We had a great time watching, and hope you will join us next semester, too! 

Regina Price is a senior at Georgia State University majoring in neuroscience with a pre-medical concentration. She is the current President of STARS, a mental health organization on campus that works to eliminate the stigma! Regina aspires to be a doctor and leave a positive impact on the world with the aid of science. In her spare time, she loves to give back to the community, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy various forms of art.
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