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My Homecoming Went Something Like This…

Day 1: The Royal Ball

Homecoming is upon us! With so many different events to attend, I am oh-so-grateful for Her Campus’s Back to School Survival Kit. These items made my homecoming experience even more amazing! Here’s a recap of my homecoming featuring the life-saving products in my Survival Kit.

I woke up from my nap late Thursday afternoon after a grueling day of back-to-back classes. I just knew my roommates were planning to get dabble in some GSU Homecoming extravaganza, so I pulled out my GoL bar for a boost of energy with a mouthwatering taste. Just knowing my snack was organic, gluten free, and non-GMO, I knew I was off to start an unforgettable weekend.

I was basking in the aroma of my Bath and Body Works Wallflower in the scent “Champagne Toast” when my best friend burst into my room screaming excitedly about the GSU Royal Ball. I took one last whiff of the calming scent, knowing my Wallflower would be the light to guide me to my bed later that night with its Nightlight feature.

After I got dressed for the ball, I rushed to the bathroom with only minutes to spare before our ride came to get us. I thought, “Only the necessities, Kay.” I grabbed my foundation and packed it on, then glossed my lips. What really pulled my effortless look together was my BUXOM Big Tease Plumping Mascara. My eyelashes were noticeably longer and fuller (as seen in the photo; mascara used on the right eye), thanks to the cone-shaped brush that coated my lashes in the smudge and flake resistant formula. I was so confident that if nothing else, my mascara was going to make it through the wild night.

Following an amazing gala, me and my tired body slugged home to rest my dancing feet. I was immediately greeted by my Bath and Body Works Wallflower Nightlight, and starred the process of getting ready for bed. I grabbed my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-In-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover, and with the swipe of a couple cotton balls, my makeup was gone along with all the dirt and oil I had collected throughout the night. My skin was so soft and hydrated without rinsing or harsh rubbing.

I checked my email for Bath and Body Works coupons and daily deals, planned to pick up another “Champagne Toast” refill, and slept peacefully through the night.

Day 2: The Block Party

As excited as I was to be outside enjoying the sun, Georgia weather happened and interfered with my plans by casting a cloud of darkness and rain over the City of Atlanta. I immediately worried that I wouldn’t have that summery glow but I looked on my cluttered dresser and snatched my bottle of L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk. The Vitamin E oil hydrates and nourishes skin; altogether, I had an instant radiant look that perfectly complimented my INDI Fragrance by Katy Perry. To say the least, I felt just as unique as the scent itself.

While at the Block Party, I ordered a basket of fries, which BTW lacked a considerable amount of seasoning. I was headed to the trash to waste my money and just then, as if by fate, my Frank’s RedHot Sauce zip pouch fell out of my purse. I reached into the pouch and picked up a packet of the perfect blend of flavor and heat: a RedHot sauce that saved my fries.

While GSU does an exquisite job of monitoring big events like the Block Party, you can never be too cautious. As a rule, I never leave my drinks unattended. But sometimes, I do falter and get distracted. In this particular situation, I set my cup of soda down for a few seconds to check my emails. Rather than throwing it away, I decided to use my SABRE Drink Test Kit to ensure that my drink hadn’t been touched by conniving hands. The test came back negative, but my soda was flat anyway and met with the trash can.

Day 3: The Golf Cart Parade

What better way to wrap up GSU’s Homecoming than walking in the Parade with my HC Girls?!? To prepare for the event, I grabbed my Her Campus banner, my “HCXO” patch, and a Krazy Glue All Purpose Single glue stick to attach my patch to my banner. The patch stuck to my banner so well! I always thought Krazy Glue was only for heavy duty fixes, but it worked just as well for my little “arts and crafts” project.

Before I headed out the door, I removed a bit of unwanted hair from under my arms using Skintimate’s 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner. The best part? NO WATER NECESSARY. I lathered the rich cream under my arms and with the swipe of a razor, my hair was gone and my skin was already moisturized.

I joined my girls on our golf cart decked out in the cutest Her Campus details you could think of! It was an indescribable feeling being next to those women and having something we could all share: our HC experience. However, things got rowdy—as they often do—and I was separated from my group. I left my phone with one of my HC girls and I began to worry. But with my SABRE Personal Alarm, I pulled the pin and GSUPD was delighted to help me find my group within seconds.


Homecoming season is always a stressful time, but I have my Survival Kit to thank for a sensational weekend! To see more about each product individually, head over to our Instagram @hercampusgsu.


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