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Music, Swimsuits, and Saving Money

If right around the corner means next week, then Georgia State’s Spring Break is literally right around the corner. Some of us will be volunteering our time on a Panther Breakaway trip, flying to spend some free time with our family, catching up on homework for all the unfortunate souls who have papers due during Spring Break, or napping. There is so much you could do over Spring Break!

For the most part, majority of students will be enjoying their Spring Break on a beach! Since Georgia doesn’t have any natural beaches, students will be traveling to Miami, Panama City Beach, or even out of the country. Here are some tips and advice for all of the Collegiettes to ensure a great Spring Break.

1. Having a Great Playlist

For those long road trips to the airport, beach, and home, you need something that will help keep you awake and prep you and your friends for the excitement that is Spring Break. Make sure you have at least an hour worth of songs on your playlist, we all know how mundane a song can get if you hear it a million times.

A great Spring Break playlist could consist of some songs from Big Sean’s latest project, Dark Sky Paradise, Michael Aristotle’s album, Thanks for Nothing (which released today!), and some female power with Nicki Minaj’s The PinkPrint.  

2. Really Cute Swimsuits

One of the toughest decisions we face during Spring Break and summer time is finding the best swimsuits for our style, figure, and occasion. Here are a just a few places where you can find exactly what you need.

Gabi Fresh: A style blogger that has designed a few fun pieces for plus-sized women.

Draya: Star of Basketball Wives LA has developed and made it very known that her swim line, Mint-Swim, is here and fierce.

PINK: You can always count on Victoria’s Secret PINK to have swimwear that’s fun, fierce and sexy!

3. Not Spending All of Your Money on Food

​Who doesn’t love food? You could be hesitant about spending $40 on a shirt, but will not blink an eye to use the same $40 for a well-deserved meal. Ladies, that $40 meal still does not make it okay to use. Your group should split and super save by going to Sam’s Club or Walmart and buy some snacks that can help get you through the day. We’re not advising skipping major meals, but it’s a lot cheaper snacking on something that will hold you over until lunch than spending $5-$10 at those over-priced vendors.

We hope these tips prove to make your Spring Break preparations a lot smoother and fun!

Introducing Charity C. Sims, a senior at Georgia State University pursuing a Speech degree. I'm a dog-lover, blogger, and self-proclaimed Happyness advocate. Don't hesitate to visit and read not only my HerCampus works, but my blog as well at www.howtobehappyer.com // "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. Dalai Lama"
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