Mid Semester Slump: ICYMI We're Halfway There

That moment when you look up and realize that you’re halfway through the semester. This is not only epiphany worthy, but is honestly a little scary.

Thanks January, you were longer than expected but you also made February fly by and to be honest, we weren’t ready. First and foremost, congrats because you have made it halfway through to mid semester GSU! If you attend Georgia State then you know that getting this far gave you your fair share of tears, unintended 2 a.m. study sessions, involuntary venting to the first person to say ‘hi’, and possibly some late night runs with your best girls for donuts or tacos.

Definitely a semester well spent with so much more to come.

This semester has probably left you a bit confused too. Not knowing which direction to go in and aimlessly wandering to the advisement building because you were honest with yourself and admitted that you disliked your major. Don’t worry, it’s definitely okay and your advisor most likely understands. Yes, this semester has been one for the record books, but it won’t always be this bad. However, if you are having a hard time recovering I am here to let you know that you are not alone. The collegiate burnout is 100 percent real and sometimes you will feel the momentum of being lost after the excitement (or tests) have settled down.

So now the question is, “what do I do with myself?”. You certainly cannot quit because you have a few more weeks to complete before the semester ends, but, you also have spring break to look forward to (yay two weeks away!). So until then, it is up to you to not only manage your time effectively but to make sure you are building in some serious me time. The concept of “me time” itself probably has become a distant memory in your life, but it is never too late to reignite the flame that helps you center yourself. How? Log off of social media, write in your journal, go on a mini shopping trip, see the latest movie to hit theaters or even catch up on that sleep that you have been hoping to get. The possibilities are endless! When focusing on this me time, prioritize the fact that your mental health is a major key. Sometimes that comes with making those tough decisions that others may not be in favor of, but in the end, you will see the day a lot clearer than before the land of tests and study guides.

So no matter how hard the semester has been on you, you owe it to yourself to make room for what matters the most. No, not your grades or overly demanding extracurriculars, but you. You matter the most in this story of college life and while making sure that the grades are at an A+ you have to make sure that you are too. Nevertheless, give yourself some room and pat yourself on the back for making it this far, and don't quit just yet, or at all for that matter because you have so much to not only offer the world, but to offer your self.


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