Make The Most Out of Your Summer


With the semester coming to a close there’s one thing that’s on every collegiettes’ mind, summer! For most students, the break will consist of taking summer courses, getting a job, or simply going home. This summer try to do things that will benefit you in a different way. Broaden your horizons, see new places, meet new people, and try new things! Here are just a few ways to make the most out of your summer!



We all love the family trip to Florida, but let’s face it, after 2 days you’re bored and didn’t get anything out of the trip besides tan lines! Try taking a trip with a travel group, or friends to a place you’ve never been. If money is the issue, don’t worry! A major perk of being a student is the “student discount”, so be sure to check out sites such as for low flight and hotel rates. Whether it’s overseas or to the other side of the country, experiencing a new environment will allow you to learn about new cultures and widen your perspective of the world. Most importantly, the memories will last a lifetime!




Taking time to volunteer for service projects can have a huge impact on your community and the lives of many! It’s also a great way to connect with people. Hearing a stranger’s backstory can be truly inspiring.


Face Your Fears.

We all have fears that hold us back in life. For some, it may be heights, drowning, or even public speaking. Take the time during the break to conquer the fear that enables you from getting the most out of life! It could be by zip lining, riding a boat, or giving a speech. We guarantee you’ll come back from break a stronger individual.

Learn A New Hobby.

During break, many of us get caught up in doing the same routines day after day. We wake up late, watch TV, and eat leftover barbecue. Instead of being a couch potato, get out of the house and try new things that you can only benefit from! Many websites such as Groupon offer coupons and deals on activities such as hot yoga, painting, and even cooking classes! Not only will you become more well-rounded, you’ll also meet lots of new people!

No matter what you do this summer, remember be safe and have fun!