A letter to misogynistic men

Women. Fierce, intelligent, strong, sexual, beautiful, confident, virtuous—there is nothing else on Earth quite like the female.

Women have come so far, yet there is still so much the world denies us. Us. Not them. Them is considered the “other,” the “non” and the “anti.” For so long women have been the “other.” “Other” meaning the oppressed, commonly based on race, gender, class, and sexuality.


Along with these oppressions, women take one step forward and three steps back in this country.

You gave us the option to work, and we were supposed to be grateful. Then we walk in on our first day, even in 2019, and you criticize us with your misogynistic ideologies, and we are supposed to deem that acceptable?

I stare through the glass ceiling and you know what I see? Years of intolerable pain and suffering from women, especially minority women, and no gain.

I see the rich white man sitting at his desk on the 50th floor of a major company throwing an application in the trash because it says “Ms.”

At the end of the day it does not matter if we are more qualified, or more capable, because we are just women to you. And according to male supremacists, being a woman is the most incapable thing you can be.


Well, we are done taking that maltreatment from you. We have begged and pleaded and suffered extreme exploitation to find out… we do not need your approval and you will never be satisfied with us.

Women are persistent, and we will not give up no matter how much you deny us of something we want. We do not answer to you anymore.

Here we are in the 4th wave of feminism and daily, us women still face the same oppressions we faced in the 1st wave. They may not look like the same problems on the outside, but they still have the same scarring effects on the inside.


Luckily, there are strength in numbers, and women in the 4th wave are becoming less forgiving and more daring against sexist beings every day.

So, before you try to control what we do with our bodies, try to fear us with your fighting words, and deny us our basic rights, know to us, you are nothing more than a woman-hater. And to us, a woman-hater is the most incapable thing you can be.