Korean Makeup Trends Vs. Western Makeup Trends

Standards of beauty all around the world are different and enhanced by diverse makeup trends. But what makes the makeup styles so different from one another? Two styles that are the most trending in the social media world would be the “Instagram baddie” western look and the “pure” Korean style makeup look. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two:

Korean Style

  • Softer, straighter eyebrows

  • Dewy, clean skin

  • Gradient lip color focused in the middle

  • Light-colored eyeshadows

  • Natural-looking winged eyeliner

  • Light mascara for wispy lashes

Korean Makeup Artist Pony: Instagram @ponysmakeup



Western Style

  • Strong, arched brows straight from Instagram

  • Focus on contouring and highlighting

  • Fuller Kylie Jenner inspired lips

  • Eyeliner wings so sharp they could cut someone

  • A sexy smoldered eyeshadow look

  • Flirty, volumized false lashes or extensions

Kylie Jenner: Instagram @kyliejenner



Makeup is a form of self-expression for us women, and we can change our makeup look accordingly to fit our mood. If you’re feeling yourself and want that eye-blinding highlight and big, full lips like Kylie, go for it. The next day you might want a soft look like Pony, and you can always mix and match. The beauty of different makeup trends is that we can learn to appreciate all diverse types and expose ourselves to new looks.


Pony imitating Kylie’s look


Makeup artist Pony herself has even imitated Kylie Jenner’s western style “Insta Baddie” look to prove that makeup is an art form that can be expressed in your own way. Pony is a YouTuber who showcases all the possible makeup trends and looks imaginable. Kylie Jenner also shows off her diverse makeup looks through all of her social media pages. No matter your ethnicity, makeup is a unique artistic expression that unifies makeup-lovers all around the world.

Obviously, there is no “right” makeup look. Even if you’re not Korean or American, you can rock both looks with different makeup techniques. We can all appreciate both Kylie Jenner and Korean makeup artist Pony’s beauty to come up with our own styles.