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Keeping Up with “That Girl” Routine

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I know we have all seen the TikTok of the Pinterest “That Girl” routine that makes it seem like everyone has their lives together and if you do not have a TikTok…that’s a separate conversation.

Now if you haven’t heard of this morning routine, I’ll give you a little insight of what it consists of.

  1. Waking up at 5:30 am

Yes, waking up literally at the crack of dawn and getting your day started. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea and once you try it once, it takes discipline to keep it going. Honestly I believe in waking up early, but you can wake up after the sun and it will still be okay. You are not lazy for not waking up at 4 a.m. 

  1. Meditation and Journaling

I think it’s amazing to start your day with meditation because you get to set the tone for 

how your day will continue to go. My meditation is usually prayer, but this is totally up to you. Some people are more spiritual and may use this time for it. Some people decide to just sit in silence, practice breathing and focusing on being present. Others take the time to just speak affirmations and write down manifestations for the day or just journal their thoughts. Completely up to you!

  1. A Beverage of Your Choice

Now I am not a coffee person, I usually start my day with a nice glass of lemon water. 

But this trend makes me want to hop onto the coffee aesthetic so bad because the type 

of drink that they make look so aesthetically pleasing that I probably wouldn’t even want to touch it. Now this is the time for your matchas, lattes,iced coffees, etc. 

  1. Workout

By this time, that coffee should kick in and you should be heading to the gym! This was 

of the hardest things to do for me because I have to physically drive to LA Fitness and I    know working out at home is an option..but not for me. I live in a one bedroom apartment and can not work out where my bed resides. But if you can, girl go ahead and kill it. Regardless, this time is for you to just move your body around for an hour a day and feel healthy and strong. 

  1. Healthy Breakfast

I know I don’t have to tell you to shower after you workout so we’re gonna go straight to breakfast. This is usually followed by the famous avocado toast that I feel like everyone in the whole world was eating. But this is your time to get creative with your food and make it look instagram picture worthy. Regardless of the aesthetic, make sure you’re putting good things into your body so that you can continue to feel good mentally and physically.

Though the “That Girl” routine is an aesthetic trend going around, it shows an important message of being disciplined and making yourself a priority. Romanticize the little things in life like making breakfast or meditation and spending time with yourself! It definitely helped me to enjoy the moments in life and just take time to be in the present instead of always worrying about tomorrow.

My name is Rodjinie and I am from Haiti. I am a Georgia State University student studying Interior Architecture and one day hoping to get my Masters in Architecture.
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