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It’s the Week of Women at GSU, Here’s Your Guide to Navigate it!

Hey, you there! It is still Women’s History Month and what a great way to celebrate the closing of the month than a week full of events dedicated to Women. I mean, Beyonce said it best, “who run the world? girls!”. Georgia State University’s Student Government Association has carefully crafted the inaugural “Week of Women”, highlighting some of the biggest issues plaguing women today. Collaborating with other female led organizations on campus, this is the true definition of Girl Power and banding together for the greater good. Starting today, SGA will host the kick off event highlighting menstrual health and many of the problems that can potentially come along with it, will you be in attendance? We hope so!


But don’t think for a second that Her Campus GSU was not going to be in on this. We will have our event tomorrow called “Her Hygiene” where we will debunk myths about period products, menstrual health and have some girl talk while cohesively airing our own grievances round table style about our monthly friend. Did we mention that there will be giveaways, food and a game? If not, don’t meet us there beat us there! One organization who is making their appearance on campus includes the Feminist Women’s Health Center which provides on hand resources for Women’s Health in the City of Atlanta


So of course, with it being WHM, we figured that putting together a week of programs not only influences people to listen to women, but to be surrounded by them in their own spaces. The Week of Women however, was carefully planned, cultivated and executed by SGA Representative Alondra Cruz. Her passion for women’s health, right and women in total is something that is super admirable and something that we hope SGA continues long after she has graduated.

This week however, was inspired by the lack of toiletries readily available on campus to menstruating students and the homeless population around GSU and the Downtown Atlanta area. Cruz saw this as an opportunity to shed light on something that affects so many people who go without the basic necessities vital to feminine health. Are you inspired yet?


We hope so! GSU is such an incubator for change, and it is important that we address these issues on whatever platforms we have. Nonetheless, who said that you couldn’t get creative while doing it? Be sure to join us this week for our Week of Women events, giveaways and event coverage. See you there and don’t forget to follow us and SGA on instagram @hercampusgsu and @gsu_sga.

Cydney Maria (Rhines) is a creative writer, journalist and photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. She is currently a student at Georgia State University studying journalism and english. She coins her brand as something curated beautifully for those who may not feel that beauty. Her main focus is mental health, social issues, digital design and of course the beauty of black girl magic. Her main goal is to constantly write creative content that fills a need. She is currently published accross multiple platforms and looks to continue her current level of work after she graduates from GSU. Check this creative out!
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