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How to Recover After Spring Break

It’s the time that all college students look forward to during their spring semester of school: spring break! Spring break is full of relaxing, partying, studying, and whatever your little heart desires. Unfortunately, sometimes, college students can get a little too “turned up” and have a hard time getting back into school habits. Don’t worry! I won’t leave you out! Here are my top three ways to recover after an exciting spring break.

1. Sleep

Sleep has got to be number one. After a long week of forgetting about all of our school responsibilities, you need some time to actually, you know, sleep.  Sleep is the most important recovering tip. If you have trouble sleeping like I do, take some melatonin supplements. My favorite supplement is Olly’s sleep gummies. These gummies will give a very restful sleep.

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2. Organize Your Planner

Organization is another great way to recover from spring break. Before you leave for a trip or start relaxing, make sure you know what assignments are due the week after spring break. Make sure that you have those assignments and tests organized in your planner or calendar. With the knowledge of upcoming assignments and tests, you can either work on them before spring break or during.

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3. Stay Actively Fluent During the Week

Another good way to recover from spring break is to stay actively fluent during the week. Essentially, this means that while the “turn up” is happening, you are still concentrated on assignments and studying. This is a great way to continue your school practices while you’re not technically in school. Now, make sure that you find a good balance of relaxation and study time. [bf_image id="qdzmo0-avcwm8-89b2tt"]

Ultimately, the lesson here is to continue to actively be on top of school assignments during spring break. Take advantage of this time and really, truly enjoy yourself. You deserve it after such a long three months. Maintain a good balance between relaxing and studying, and your recovery will be all good. Have a great spring break!

Chasity Drake is a senior at Georgia State University. She is currently studying journalism with a minor in psychology. In Chasity's free time, she loves to write poetry and short stories.
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