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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

Though many doubted and denounced it, the inevitable has occurred. The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has developed into a national pandemic. 

This virus has required us to self-quarantine. A practice that is used to slow or eventually stop the transmission of disease.

While in the comfort of our homes, it is easy to become uneasy due to the current circumstances. With the displacement of jobs, the stock market, and the death toll in the US steadily increasing, anxiety can also develop through such unforeseeable conditions. 

No need to fret any longer! Here is five tips towards managing anxiety during the reign of COVID-19: 

  1. Monitor your social media and television usage. It is important as a citizen to stay aware of what is going on in your homeland. However, various news outlets with multiple biases and opinions can jade one’s viewpoint on the advancement of the virus.  

    turned off gray CRT TV on table
    PJ Gal-Szabo

  2. Pay attention to where you are getting your information from. A lot of our anxiety can come from sources that put out faulty or biased information. Trust your intuition as well as reliable medical sites to inform you of the coronavirus and its effects. 

  3. Reach out to friends and loved ones! It goes without saying that you’re not the only one who has to adjust to a new way of life until the coronavirus subsides. Checking on your family and friends will not only show support during these trying times, but it can also be used as a healthy distraction. 

  4. Follow the safety guidelines given to us. The best way to combat that is to make the necessary adjustments needed to avoid catching the virus. It is important to recognize the power we have in self-isolation, as it distracts from the fear of not having control of everything else affected by the virus.  It is a matter of priority and survival. 

  5. Be kind to yourself during this time! Go for a walk. Talk to your loved ones. Pick up a new hobby. Take everything one day at a time. 

Along with these tips, remember to sanitize often and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

As difficult as it may be to recreate your life within the confines of your home, remember that these government-sanctioned regulations are for the good of your family, community and beyond. 

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