How to Make Halloween Looks Using Thing You Already Have In Your Closet

You may be too old to trick-or-treat, but you’re never too old to look good. So you waited until the last minute to look for a costume. Or maybe you’re a college student that can’t afford the $40 plus cost associated with Halloween outfits. Here are a few style tips to help you create easy Halloween looks, using what you already have in your closet.

  1. Evaluate Your Closet

The first step is knowing what is actually in your closet. If you don’t clean through your closet regularly, you could find yourself buying the same things over and over. When you’re sorting through your closet, divide your clothes into mental (or physical) categories, such as: casual, party, formal, business professional, etc.

   2.     Google It

If you feel that you need assistance mixing and matching pieces to make great looks, don’t be afraid to use the internet! Even the most fashionable people get their inspiration from somewhere. One of my favorite apps for finding new outfit combinations is Pinterest. The search bar lets you search for very specific terms, and you can even save images from other websites to look at later. For example, you could search: “Simple last minute Halloween looks”, and you can get hundreds of results.

3. Use that Little Black Dress

The timeless fashion staple-piece saves the day, once again. This one piece in your closet is so basic, yet necessary, because you can easily dress it up or down. It’s perfect for a last minute costume idea, because it can provide a base for any accessories you may have. You can easily be 2007 Rihanna or Little Red Riding Hood.

  4.     Accessorize

And accessorize. And accessorize. The beauty of Halloween is that there’s no true dress code! But good accessorization could make or break your costume. Google instructions for diy accessories that can improve your outfit . If you have accessories from previous years, this is even better. You can keep it simple with this look, or you can really go all out. Make sure it is something that you’re comfortable in and that fits securely on your outfit.

 5.     Make a Statement

Halloween is a  perfect time to bring out those pieces you thought you would never use again. Those hot pink shoes that you got for your 16th birthday? That flapper dress that you bought for your 20’s themed prom? What about that elaborate rose gold jewelry set that you HAD to have for your graduation? Halloween is a great way to utilize these pieces. The night is supposed to be fun, so it’s okay if your outfit looks a little mis-matched. You can even recreate the looks of many celebrities that are known for their outlandish outfits, such as Lady GaGa. You’ll make a statement, while also playing around with different looks. Who knows, you might even set a trend.

   6.     Be Confident

The best accessory you can ever wear is your confidence. It matches everything and it never goes out of style. Whatever you to wear, make sure it's comfortable, and it makes you feel good. Don’t spend too much time feeling insecure and too little time enjoying the festivities.

Halloween is a great excuse to get dressed up and dance the night away with your friends. While it is okay to care about your appearance, don’t spend too much money or time trying to get “the perfect look.” The night is about enjoying yourself. Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure that it makes you comfortable and confident. Happy Halloween!

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