Holiday Treats for A Girls Night In


Spooky SZN is over, so now it’s time to pull the UGGS out and grab a parka because we’re going grocery shopping for a girls night! Forget about bae for a few hours and take a break from studying to bond with the girls. Girls night is essential, especially at this point in the semester when many of us are in need of a stress reliever, and with these delectable, debit card friendly treats, your girls' night is sure to be one for the books. 


When making your list of treats, always keep in mind the foods you and your girls enjoy most and be mindful of any allergens they may have. Opt for almond or coconut milk if someone is lactose-intolerant or vegan, or incorporate sugar alternative brands like Stevia and Splenda if they are trying to watch their sugar intake. My girl's night menu consists of apple pie, personalized sugar cookies, and mint chocolate hot cocoa. I purchased most of my apple pie and sugar cookie ingredients from ALDI (a bag of apples, pie crust, brown sugar, sugar cookie mix and colorful icing) and went to Walmart to grab the remaining ingredients and contents for peppermint hot chocolate. Of course, any grocery store that you prefer is fine! 

You and the girls are sure to enjoy making these sweet treats. My girlfriends and I love apple pie which is why I chose to make it, but if apples are not on your list of favorite fruits, feel free to replace them with any fruit you like! Just be cautious of the length of time you leave your pie in the oven, as cooking times vary with different fruits and ovens. 


Check out this apple pie recipe from Taste of Home: 


Next on our menu is personalized sugar cookies. I know cookies are a bit cliche, BUT if you use Christmas themed cookie cutters and decorative icing to bring this basic dessert to life, you might just be onto something. Betty Crocker is known for its line of boxed ready-to-mix cookie dough and icing and is available at just about every grocery store for under $5. You can also find holiday-themed cookie cutters at Walmart for only $8.99. The girls will definitely enjoy decorating their Christmas tree and candy cane shaped cookies! 

Christmas Tree Cookie Pops: 


The last item on the menu is peppermint hot chocolate. This recipe, courtesy of the Food Network, calls for milk; however, if you’re like me and do not drink cow’s milk, coconut, almond, and oat milk are great substitutes. To make this tasty beverage even more festive, instead of drinking out of basic coffee mugs, take a trip to your local Dollar Tree and buy one of those one dollar holiday mugs.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate: 


Once you have all your treats ready, turn on Netflix and prepare for a night of binge-watching Christmas classics!

P.S.  If you don’t choose How the Grinch Stole Christmas first, then you’re doing it wrong.