Here’s What Laura Jean Taught Us in “To All the Boys: Always and Forever”

Maybe you're a total sucker for rom-coms, or maybe you completely despise them. Either way, To All The Boys: Always and Forever is worth watching by everyone. The book, which has now been adapted into a three-part movie series on Netflix, follows the life of Laura Jean Covey, a teenage girl, and her obsession with writing love letters and fulfilling her own picture-perfect love story. 

Love letter with flowers Pezibear on Pixabay

We’ve all heard of the negative presumption that most high school relationships don’t last after graduation. People grow and change, college distance plays a factor, and some overall just want a fresh start. These sweethearts juggle a lot, from social pressure, coursework, extracurriculars, college acceptances, and date nights. In order to keep up with it all, it takes two committed people for the relationship’s overall success. This challenge is depicted very well in Laura Jean and her boyfriend Peter’s relationship. 

The original plan was for the two to attend Stanford University, but when one wasn’t accepted, their relationship entered a downward spiral.

Laura Jean did a wonderful job at revealing both the beauty and the ugly when faced with the ultimatum of deciding whether to choose yourself and your future or settling for the sake of your relationship. This is a concept many young high school students need to be exposed to as another outlet to receive guidance or advice.  Lana Condor Peter Kavinsky GIF by NETFLIX Netflix / Giphy

The final movie also touched on hard-hitting topics that viewers aren’t used to seeing from Laura Jean and her friends. It highlighted the struggle of absent parents and its toll on children, losing your virginity, insecurities, patching old wounds, mending relationships, and, of course, college stress.

Laura Jean and Peter definitely had their ups and downs in the first two movies, but what relationship doesn’t? And by the end of their roller-coaster love story, it all becomes worth it.