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Freshman 411: My First Month Experience As A Georgia State Student

When I set foot on Georgia State’s campus for the first time in April 2016, I immediately knew that this was the university I wanted to attend for the next four years. The city girl inside of me was dying to be in the heart of Atlanta for my college experience. Once I submitted my application and received an acceptance letter in December, I anxiously waited for move-in day to arrive.

The summer after my senior year flew by and before I knew it, I was moving into my dorm on August 17. Ever since I unpacked my belongings, being a Panther has been a whirlwind experience. The first few days of being on campus I had to adjust to being in a new environment.

Getting used to sharing a small room with two other people, trying to locate where the important buildings are on this uncommon campus, and managing my feelings of homesickness were just a few of the learning curves I was faced with. Additionally, I’ve had to adapt to the academic rigor and the way classes work in college (finding out that my grade in one particular class would only be based on four tests was a shock). With 6 classes this semester, it’s safe to say that this girl is constantly busy. Many days I feel overwhelmed trying to meet deadlines and process the material covered in class, but college life has served as motivation to fine tune my time management skills. Every free minute I have, I’m trying to study or get an assignment done so I can stay on top of things. Since freshman year started, my new motto has become, “get it done however you can.”

Despite the challenges I’ve encountered, the past few weeks have proven to be more enjoyable than all four years of high school. College has pushed me to start stepping outside of my comfort zone more often and be more social than I’ve ever been. I attended my first football game at the new Georgia State Stadium, attended a 21 savage concert at the Tabernacle, eaten at local spots like Hard Rock Cafe, and have had the opportunity to connect with incredible girls through joining organizations such as Her Campus. I’ve also gotten a chance to see the sororities and fraternities in action on numerous occasions and attended different events around campus like Panther Prowl, which has helped me get a feel for the college culture.

Being on campus for just a month has shown me that I made the right choice by coming to Georgia State. From the friendly staff that greet me every morning as I walk out the dorm building, to the peers in my Freshman Learning Community who walk with me after class, I’ve consistently felt welcome and like I belong on this campus. I’m excited to create more memories and grow into adulthood over the next four years as a GSU student.

For more information on GSU and how to become a Panther, visit www.gsu.edu.


Olivia Hancock is currently an undergraduate Journalism student at Georgia State University. She has over four years of experience in the editorial and social media field. Her written work covers lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and beauty related topics. I have been published on platforms including PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, Her Campus, 21Ninety, The Life Currency, and xoNecole. Most recently, she joined the Atlanta-based One Music Fest editorial team and Colour Beauty Inc's social media team as an intern. She now serves as the Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus GSU chapter.
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