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Four Self Care Tips for College Students

As college students, we spend countless of late night hours studying for exams, balancing school, social life and submitting papers at the final deadline. Although college is one of the best experiences for students many struggle with prioritizing their time for self-care. While academics are very important so is your health and wellness. Below, we’ve gathered a few self-care tips that will prevent you from getting physically, mentally, and emotionally burned out from the stresses of school.




Remember you need seven to nine hours of sleep to function properly. Sleep is one of your most important ways for your body to recharge. A regular schedule of sleep does more to fend off sickness than vitamins, exercise, and washing hands combined. One great tip to increase better sleeping habits is to turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes prior to bedtime.



Stress Relieving Activities:

Meditation is a great way to build self-awareness and develop a strategy to manage stressors in college. Drinking a glass of wine and binge-watching your favorite shows or taking a long hot bubble bath can be another activity that can ease your mind. Going to the spa can also be a stress reliever or hanging out with your friends and getting your mind off the worries can help.



Eliminate stressors:

Break away from toxic, harmful people or things. This means cutting ties with negative and unsupportive people in your life. If you have friends or family that fit this category, it is time to let them go. Having supportive relationships tend to be better for your health.




Writing down your thoughts can be helpful in many ways. You can write down all your thoughts and reflect on the current highs and lows in your life. While journaling you can focus in on your feelings and try to get a grip on life. Journaling can also be a healthy way of getting you to focus on the positive instead of the negative.


Follow these quick tips above to improve your self-care and increase your energy and contentment! Also, remember to put yourself first!!


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