Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Problem Areas

Toss out the books, the schedules, and the dreadful early mornings, and bring out the sunglasses, sunhats, those cute little flip flops, and most importantly that perfect swimsuit to bring to the beach! Whether or not you are traveling to Cancun, California, or just down the street to the neighborhood pool, you need an amazing swimsuit that fits your body just right. We have rounded up the best swimsuits that will have you feeling ‘Fergalicious’ and more!

1. Big Butt


If you are more on the curvy side at your hips and can identify your body with Beyonce, Lupita Nyong’o, or Rihanna, figuring out the right bottom is your main concern. Queen Bey herself was spotted rocking a high waisted bottom, which you can find similar styles at Urban Outfitters, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, all under $50.

2. Small Bust

Having smaller boobs may come as a challenge to most girls when finding a bikini top that compliments “the girls”, but the solution is to simply find a triangle top, preferably one that has ruffles, and other fancy designs to create the illusion of a fuller frontal. Also, tops that have padding are essential.

3.Large Bust


For the ladies with bigger breasts, it is not easy finding great swimsuits that fully support the girls. That is why it is important to find a top that has a thicker strap in order to be able to hold everything together. Another option is finding a vintage styled top that is more flattering on the body.