The Final Semester as a College Student

You’ve watched the last four years pass by you with a flash of light. You have grown from your ambitious yet lost your 18- year-old self to an adult, ready to take on whatever life brings onto you. You’ve spent countless hours studying, day in and day out. You have learned so much from this journey. 

Yet your heart is pounding so loud that you can’t think. The little thought of your future gives you a panic attack. Your head is throbbing with that repeating question: what’s next? So, why are you freaking out right now?

One word: graduation.

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The impending ceremony of graduation can give off some very overwhelming stress. It’s the time that students wait for as soon as they enter their freshman year of college. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, scared, anxious, and even doubtful. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts in surviving the final semester of your senior year. 

DO give yourself a break here and there. As college students, sometimes we indulge too much of our time in our craft rather than our minds and bodies. Take some time out, grab a drink, socialize, and relax.

DON’T slack, though. Don’t do anything last minute. The worst thing to happen is to begin slacking after all the hard work you’ve put into your professional development. Make schedules and calendars to mark important dates. Get organized!

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DO reach out to your college resources, like the career development center. For Georgia State, the University Career Services is a great resource and opportunity to see what jobs and internships are available. They also help with resumes, interview preparation, and headshots. Attend career fairs and participate in seminars with your specific major. For instance, journalism and media majors will benefit from IRTS Foundation’s program and symposia that bring students and graduates together with media companies for job opportunities. 

DO practice meditation, yoga, or any activity that provides you a sense of relaxation. This semester can get hectic, and sometimes it can spiral out of control. Remember, though. You have control over all of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Activities, like meditation, will help center you. Calm is a great app that helps with practicing meditation and stretches to enhance relaxation and creativity. 

DON’T give up! We are so close to the finish line. Your goals and aspirations are only a touch away. Keep pushing through. It’ll be so worth it in the end. 

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The last semester of your senior year may be the hardest semester, but it’s just another stepping stone to your professional development. Good luck and happy graduation! #2021