Enhance your Look, with NO Work

So there you are… waking up in the morning and you just took a shower. You already finished your hair and put on the outfit you’re going to stunt in for the day. It’s time to start your makeup, but something doesn’t seem right. Your highlight is “poppin’” and your eyeshadow is blended to perfection. You’re finally putting on that new lip gloss you’ve been saving up to buy for weeks, but something still looks like its missing. For a long time, I had this dilemma. Although it seemed like my look was put together, I still wanted just a bit more to top it off. I decided to look into makeup tutorials again, as if I really stopped and I came across a realization. I needed LASHES, eyelashes that is.

I’ve wondered for a long time why the gurus in the tutorials always seemed to have a complete look. Was it the bronzer? Was it the concealer? After looking close enough, I realized I was missing the long and luxurious look that eyelashes could give me. Next thing I know, I’m at Ulta purchasing 5 cases of lashes and two packs of glue to apply them. Of course there are other beautiful options to obtain the beautiful lashes every girl desires, but it seemed to me that the most cost effective solution to get them were strips.

I’ve noticed from my friends that most girls don’t like to apply strips, but I’ve learned from doing them myself, there are tips you could use to help the application and to make them look as real as possible. I’ll give a few of my own:

Choose your style lashes. Not every pair of lashes looks good on every face and head shape. Although it can take some time and searching, finding the best lashes for yourself is appropriate when needing to bring out your eyes.


Cut them to shape to your eye. Sometimes the strips can be a little too long for our eyes. Make sure that when you open them, you measure them onto your eye first and then cut them so it shapes to it. Be careful not to cut them too short.

Apply eyeliner before applying the lashes. Anyone can perform this step but it especially helps the people who can see to get the strip directly on the lash line. Applying the eyeliner erases the gap that seems to appear when applying the strip too far from the lash line, making it appear more realistic.

Don’t overuse the glue. Apply only a small amount, otherwise it could take too long dry and it could start oozing out of the strip once you place it on your eye. For some reason, applying a small amount on the inside of the strip and the top edge make the strip easier to place on your eye and it also makes it more comfortable.