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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

We officially made it halfway through the semester! For some, this may be scary. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already calculated every possible way you can get an A in the class. (One time, I needed to get 110% on the final exam). Don’t give up just yet. It’s still possible to get an A without trying to get a perfect score on one exam.

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Before you decide to take action, assess your strengths and weaknesses in the class. Here are 8 questions to analyze your strengths and weaknesses:

  1. What would my friends say my strengths and weaknesses are?
  2. What skills have taken me this far?
  3. In the past, what subjects have I done exceptionally well in?
  4. In class, what do I do better than my classmates?
  5. What strengths are needed for this class?
  6. What behaviors limit my success?
  7. What task have I struggled with within this class?
  8. In what areas do I lack the knowledge to move up?

For example, in Marketing Strategy, I provide detailed research needed for my team to complete our projects; however, I am not as confident when presenting the study to the class. My other group members loved public speaking. I recognized that I need to strengthen my public speaking skills if I want to excel in this class.

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Use all your resources. Make Quizlets after each class. Share your Quizlet folder with your study buddy and ask them to quiz you. Quizlet works best in lecture-based courses because it allows you to organize your notes in whatever way that makes it easier to understand.

Your #1 resource is your professor. Developing a strong relationship with your professor can take you a long way. You want them to put your name on your face. The more they see you trying, the higher the chance of them bumping up your grade. 

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Start by attending office hours. During this time, you can ask more personal questions like, “What made you interested in this subject?” You should also write down questions you have about class material and ask them before/after class or during their office hours. Attending office hours will likely make you feel more comfortable participating in class. Class participation is sure to increase your grade. After the semester ends, keep in contact with your professor for letters of recommendation, job leads, and mentoring.

Let’s end this semester with a bang! You can do it. The past is history, and your GPA is only a mystery if you don’t work for it.

Qiyamah Saleem is a Senior at Georgia State University, pursuing her Marketing degree and Advertising certification. When she’s not writing for Her Campus or studying, she’s designing graphics or whipping soap.
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