Dear GSU: A Zeta Phi Original

Dear Georgia State University, how do you feel about interracial relationships? 

Kicking off Monday, September 25, the Zeta Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. held their chapter Week titled, Dear GSU. The first segment in their installment was titled “Jungle Fever”. This lecture style event hit the hard-core truths, opinions and taboos on interracial dating in 2017. The Devastating Diva’s of Zeta Phi organized a diverse group of panelists who shared insight and personal experiences when it came down to the controversial topic.  The words “you can’t help who you love”, were said around the room several times as attendees expressed their feelings on the dating discussion.  Intensity from both panelists and the audience heightened as the questions got deeper and more meaningful. Questions asked included, would your parents support your decisions if you chose to date someone of a different race, what are some qualities that you look for in a partner, and do you believe that differences in religion/culture can make or break a relationship? 

 An attendee had this to say about Jungle Fever,  “ I thought the program was enlightening. It’s nice to see organizations talking about controversial topics because that's when we get to see how people really think and feel.” How would do you feel about interracial dating GSU? Would you be able to bring someone from a different race home to your parents? Should this topic even still be a “thing” in 2017? It is safe to say that this was an informing and insightful event put on by Zeta Phi, with many more to come this week.  Stay tuned! 

The next Dear GSU event titled, “We Get Corporate Jobs, Too” will be a workshop intended to strengthen and groom students for the corporate world. To stay up to date with the ladies of the Zeta Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. be sure to follow them on Instagram @zetaphi1969_dst!


All images are courtesy of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Zeta Phi chapter