A Daily Workout Routine for Your Mental Health



Do you ever have days where you just aren’t feeling it? Surely everyone does. However, when those days are becoming more frequent and your life seems to take a downward spiral, it’s time to act! For those seeking a pick-me-up, here are three easy activities that promote a healthier, happier mindset.


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1. Talk-it-out: It has been scientifically proven that verbalizing your problems relieves some of your stress. But no one said that it had to be another human you speak to. Your pet(s), to your stuffed toys, or even yourself suffices as a great confidant. As long as you get the pressure out of your system, you benefit mentally, emotionally, and physically too!

2. L.augh O.ut L.oud (my personal favorite): Nothing feels better than having a good laugh! Whenever you are feeling down, take a look at your preferred type(s) of comedy (dark, cringe, musical, satire, puns, sketch, etc.). Once you’ve had your fill, you are guaranteed to feel better!

3. One Tap Away: As intimidating and heartless social media can be, some good comes from it too. If you want daily motivational quotes and cute visuals as a bonus, just go to your preferred social media platform and find pages/hashtags offering just that! The gif below is an example of what you could see before you head to work or school.


Artist: chibird

Instagram: @chibirdart

 Source: giphy.com


Hopefully, you found these activities helpful and will try them sometime soon. Therapy and counseling can make a groundbreaking difference. For others, it just takes a joke or a cute animation providing some encouragement to make things go right again. Seeking help is important, there's power in that. But also, get in the habit of knowing how to put a smile on your face!