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College 101 For Introverts: Put Yourself Out There

My first year of college consisted of waking up, going to class, going home to eat, sleep, and repeat.  

I wasn’t interested in joining clubs, being involved in on campus life, or even getting a job. My way of thinking was simple, if I just lived day by day, quickly getting by with no obligations—the school year would go by faster. I felt as though dealing with extracurricular activities added on unnecessary stress I didn’t want or need.  

It wasn’t until the end of my sophomore year when I stayed behind for a makeup test, I witnessed my first after school event. This included, food, games, music, and lots of people. But even as a passerby, in that moment, I realized that I truly didn’t enjoy it. I immediately went home, went to sleep, just so that I could wake up for class, to go home, eat, sleep and repeat. You see, there are people in this world who aren’t into being in public, especially the kind of public that includes crowds of people. I can’t speak for the rest of us introverts, but I noticed that there is a tolerance level of what we can handle. For example, with me being a political science major, I wanted more exposure within my desired field. Thus, led to me joining my first club for pre-law students. That is where the growth truly begins. I joined based on my own interest, which broadened my horizon to do more, and become comfortable around other people. This led to community services, another one of my interests, I was learning to serve others while fellowshipping with my own peers. From then on, more and more began to pour onto my plate, but by my own doing. I realized that by joining more clubs, attending more events, and gaining leadership roles, I ended up doing myself a favor. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

As a senior, becoming busy was the best decision I’ve ever made, I still don’t enjoy the large crowds and constant motion of life, but I’ve gained a new perspective. Constantly being on the go has been a different kind of experience that I’m grateful the old me didn’t end up hiding from. Not only have I become a better version of myself, I’ve placed myself in a position to find a way to help others. Don’t get me wrong, the unnecessary stress comes along with it, but you wouldn’t be living without it. My word of advice to those who are like me and aren’t into being around people; You’ll discover many different things about yourself that you may have never known. And to me that mystery is always worth it. Don’t wait to join that club or skip out on an event that may interest you. Do all you can and enjoy all that you can in these four short years, because once you graduate, and have had a fulfilling college experience, you can move on and begin the next stage of your life. You don’t want to end up being one of those people who linger around because they missed out, and simply can’t let go. That’s tea, but it’s true!




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