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Women’s History Month is here and each day, we’re seeing accomplishments from women of all different eras, ethnic groups and career paths. It’s inspiring to see how their individual contributions have collectively influenced our definition of culture, changing our day-to-day lives as women.

Josephine Baker is a great example of someone who prioritized her passions by excelling in her art while, devoting her platform to addressing racism and segregation. She took those concepts and streamlined them on a world-wide spectrum, creating representation where there once wasn’t. In honor of her and so many other innovative women, we’re giving you keys in establishing your legacy.

Here are three ways to boss up this Women’s History Month.

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1. Redefine your short-term and long-term goals

Sometimes the hardest part of starting a new venture is figuring out where to begin. Developing goals for yourself and determining your aspirations, might be the best places to start. Try setting short-term goals to the end of this month, or even the end of the week. This allows you to better visualize how they contribute to your overall plan. It also makes them easier to accomplish, by removing the ability to procrastinate, which tends to come with goals further in the future.

Try doing the same with your long-term goals, setting them to the end of the semester instead of the end of the year. Then, reevaluate later!

2. Remembering not every bag is THE bag

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Often our generation promotes taking every opportunity that presents itself. This sounds great, but in reality, it sometimes removes focus from what our end goal may be. In college, so many new opportunities are available on campus, especially when living in an innovative city. Participating in every opportunity may distract you from the reasons you decided to come to college originally. There are only four years in the undergraduate experience, we have to make the most of them, but also make them purposeful.

3. Never neglect self-care

Every day on social media we see people talking about the different ways they practice self-care. We’re all guilty of using self-care as an excuse to procrastinate because it makes us feel like we accomplished something even though we didn’t. Outside of that type of self-care, it is really important to have breaks in life where we can focus on our mental health, and in general what makes us happy.

Practicing smart self-care is the key, instead of using the label as a way to avoid getting work done. Everyone does self-care differently; some like to do online shopping and others prefer getting a massage or a facial. Whatever works for you, do it, you deserve it!

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These three tips for beginning your girl boss journey are key in developing a solid foundation. Understanding your goals and giving them end dates, centering your focus on the big picture, and managing your mental health is important if starting a new venture is important to you. Remember, this is only the beginning of your journey.

Expect to fail sometimes more than you succeed, but never forget the purpose behind it all. Good luck!


Amariah Jackson is a second-year Neuroscience Major with a pre-medical concentration at Georgia State University. In her spare time, she enjoys giving back to her community, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Amariah aspires to be a reconstructive surgeon, in hopes of providing aid to communities affected by congenital defects or developmental abnormalities.
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