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Believe what you see, not what is said.

Many times, it’s easy for us as women to get caught up in what someone tells us, even if their actions don't match the words they’re telling us. For example, “I love you” is great to hear, especially when you truly want to believe it because of who it’s being said by. Holding on to words from someone whose actions don’t match is a disservice to yourself and your feelings. 

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Get out of your feelings!

This sounds harsh but it's not. It’s completely okay to acknowledge your emotions and allow yourself to express your feelings, whether that be through crying, ranting or anything else you deem necessary. The only thing is that this period of acknowledging your emotions shouldn’t last forever. It’s okay to be down for a little but don’t stay down. Especially when it’s over some dude. They never deserve to have such an impact on you that you’re not able to be the best version of yourself. Express your feelings, but get out of them when you’re done!

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Be careful what you say and who you say it to.

Everyone does not have your best interest at heart. It’s crazy but true. Because some people don’t want to see you do good, be careful who you tell your business to. If you vent or rant to the wrong person, they could tell all their friends your business and their friends will do the same, and so on. Now, the whole world knows personal information about you that you wouldn’t want to be shared because you told it to someone you shouldn’t have. This advice goes for good news and bad alike. Nowadays, people go on social media and share screenshots of their new job offers or acceptance letters and don’t blur out any of their personal information. Imagine what someone could do with that...yikes.

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Wisdom is something that comes not just from age, but life experience. These experiences don’t necessarily have to be your own. Sometimes you can learn just as much from hearing a piece of advice as you would from being in a situation that would result in you learning that lesson. Having conversations with someone wiser than you or who has experienced a situation that you haven’t can allow you to have a whole new understanding of life. Don’t let that go over your head.

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