Being Single on Valentines Day and Celebrating Love Beyond Romance

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day of celebrating love and happiness, but for many of us, it’s only a reminder of how single we are. My love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day has gone on for as long as I can remember and only seemed to get worse as I got older and found myself single on Valentine's Day year after year. But one year, I turned my thoughts on Valentine’s Day around. I was finally able to find myself completely happy on a day where I was usually filled with thoughts of “what if” and “why not.” We are often so focused on romance and being swept off of our feet that we forget there is love outside of that. It’s not just important to understand that you can be happy without a romantic partner and you aren’t alone on how you feel. There are tons of ways to show platonic love to a friend or family member and make this Valentine’s Day special!




Everyone loves a nice gift, especially a surprise one. Some of my favorite presents are gift baskets because they can include a variety of things based on the person and doesn’t have to be pricey. Etsy has some of the best gift baskets and even has cute platonic Valentine’s Day gifts!

The Best friend gift box by PeaceOrganics is one of my favorite. The gift box comes with a sweetly packed self-care kit and is perfect for anyone that loves Bath bombs, skin care, and lip care.

Link to PeaceOrganics Gift Box

Go out and have some fun

Who says single people can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day? Take advantage of the discounts and cute events that come with the day. There are events and Groupons just for groups of single people who want to enjoy the night without feeling left out in a sea of couples.

  1. Kj World is hosting a singles mixer night for the third year in a row! Only $15 and totally worth the price for a night out at the Fox Lounge Atlanta. 

  2. Paint and sip is a great option for someone who wants to enjoy a slightly more relaxed night out. Hosted by Passion pallets, you may bring a friend or take this opportunity to meet other singles in the Atlanta area



Communicating with the people you love on Valentine’s Day will alleviate the feeling of being alone because you will realize that you aren’t. There are people who feel the same way that you do and talking to them will make you both feel included.

Valentine’s Day is only as scary as you make it, so make it yours and remember that your time for romance will come. Happy Valentine’s Day!