Basic to Boujee Things to Do After Homecoming

There are two types of people after a homecoming ball— the type who goes home and orders take-out and the type who keeps the party going all night long.

No matter what post-ball plans you prefer, make the most of your homecoming night with these basic to boujee ideas.

Photo shoot:

Basic: First things first--you have to take some after-homecoming pics while your hair and makeup is still fresh.

Find a spot at the ball with good lighting and a backdrop to match your Instagram theme. While everyone is heading out the door, have your friends snap a few pics. Since everyone has left the ball, you won’t have to worry about people getting in the way of your impromptu photo shoot.


Boujee: If your iPhone won’t cut it, go the celebrity route and hire a photographer. Atlanta is crawling with photographers, so booking one won’t be too hectic.

We recommend first looking into Georgia State student photographers for a more inexpensive price. Make sure you give yourself enough time to meet up with your photographer after the ball!

Drinks with friends:

Basic: Pick up a cheap bottle of wine or instant hot cocoa and head to a rooftop. Whether it be your apartment complex or a nearby parking deck you know of (make sure you’re not trespassing of course!), turn your car into a cozy oasis. Place pillows and blankets in your car for a comfortable 360 degrees view of Atlanta.

Boujee: Feel like you could dance all night long? Head to Opera Nightclub or Compound and order your favorite bottle of champagne. The party doesn’t have to stop at the ball girl!


Basic: After a long night of dancing and mingling, we all work up an appetite. Enjoy the notorious post-party breakfast for dinner at your favorite 24-hour restaurant like Waffle House.

If you’d rather head home, order a pizza and change into some comfy pajamas. No need to fit in that tight dress anymore!


Boujee: Going to homecoming in Atlanta has its perks—delicious high-end food!

As if the Royal Balll wasn’t boujee enough, a fancy dinner in the city awaits you. From downtown to Buckhead, you really can’t go wrong with fine dining. We recommend going all out at Atlas, South City Kitchen, or The Melting Pot.

However, we do advise you to reserve a table and go to the restaurant before the ball, as most high end restaurants in the city close between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m..


Basic: Anyone down for Super Mario Party in gowns and glam makeup? Yes please! Wind down from the Royal Ball with a game night. Invite your friends over to play a raunchy game of Cards Against Humanity or enjoy a flirty competition of Sorry with your date.

Boujee: If you’re not ready to go home and have a few extra dollars in your wallet, head down the street from Georgia State to Skyview Atlanta.

Sure, we have all rode the ferris wheel before, but have you ridden VIP style? The VIP booth has Ferrari style seats and a glass floor. Not to mention, five guests can ride, so there’s room for your whole squad.


Wherever you end up homecoming night, whether it be in your pajamas or at a party, live in the moment and treasure your college years while they are still here.