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Are You Doing Enough?

As we go through life, we have so many visions and ideas that we want to execute. Sometimes we are doing so much that our vision becomes blurred because what you’re working on doesn’t align with what you are working toward. 


Sometimes we get thrown into situations or positions and we lose sight of our vision. There is always that in-between or transitioning phase, but don’t forget the plans you have for yourself. You need to have a plan and stick to it. The plan may get adjusted as you continue to pursue your dreams, but without a plan you are aimlessly going with the motions. It’s the same as goal setting, but you need a plan to achieve that goal. 


Speaking from experience, I love to be busy. I would take on tasks that I wasn’t necessarily passionate about, but it was something to do and it kept me busy. You probably hear this all the time, but do what you are passionate about. After a certain point I couldn’t connect to what I was doing. I was busy, but I felt purposeless. Make time for what you love, whether it means taking that leap of faith and changing your major, job occupation, or picking up a hobby to do in your spare time. 


There is also a point when ideas and visions need to become proposals and itineraries. You can sit on an idea for days on end, but it’ll only be as good as your next idea because it hasn’t been put into action. Dreaming and brainstorming generate some of best concepts, but taking the next step calls for development and refinement to a sharper, more efficient idea. Sometimes you have to “shoot your shot” and put it into the atmosphere, because if you don’t you will continue to put it off. 


If you’re going to commit to something, be invested. No one should settle for subpar work. Keep in mind that your work has your name on it and it is a reference to work you will do in the future. It may not be your best work, but give it your best effort. Even if you are in the beginning of your journey, your work will improve as you gain experience but you have to start somewhere.


The work is never finished. You always have to think about ways to improve, whether it be yourself or your brand. Once you achieve one goal, it’s on to the next one. There are levels to success, each phase adding on to the next and creating opportunities to expand your vision. The question “how can I top this?” may be intimidating, but just like you made it happen once you can do it again. Don’t count yourself out or be the reason you didn’t try something.


If you want something, put you best foot forward and don’t hold back. Set yourself up for success. Make a plan and execute.

Sierra Jenkins is currently a student at Georgia State University studying journalism and African American studies. Jenkins aspires to enlighten and inform others through her writing. She believes it is important to have conversations and create dialogue around topics that aren't always discussed publicly. Jenkins strives to break societal barriers through her use of words and set an example for other women from all walks of life.
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