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Are Chris Brown and Migos Bringing Creativity Back to Hip Hop and R&B?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

Chris Brown and the Migos are doing it for the culture, and we’re loving it.

On March 15, the music video for “Freaky Friday”, a new single by rapper Lil Dicky featuring Chris Brown was released. The video starts out with Lil Dicky saying that he feels like he’s not cool enough and he wishes he was someone else, while Chris Brown is simultaneously telling an interviewer that the pressures of fame sometimes makes him wish he was someone else. This causes them to switch bodies.

From BellaNaija.com

The video walks you through Lil Dicky’s experience as Chris Brown, as he describes how exciting it is to be a great singer, dancer and close friends with some of the most famous rappers. Chris Brown’s experience is almost the exact opposite, but he enjoys it. In the second verse, he says “ walking down the street and ain’t nobody know my name. Ain’t no paparazzi flashing pictures, this is great. Ain’t nobody judging cause’ I’m Black or my controversial past.”

However, as Brown and Dicky are enjoying their newfound lives, Brown realizes that he has responsibilities, such as his daughter, and he begins to look for Dicky. He finds Dicky in a club, and after declaring that he loves himself [despite the hassle of fame] Chris Brown is switched back to his body.

   From YouTube.com 

Lil Dicky goes on to humorously switch bodies with Ed Sheeran, Dj Khaled, and Kendall Jenner. This video is an original way to talk about the hardships of fame while also expressing self love. It’s refreshing to see this level of Black Boy Joy in mainstream media.

 From Cosmopolitan.com

On March 18, the music video was released for the single “Walk It Talk It” by Migos. This video pays homage to the classic series “Soul Train.” The Migos have always been known for their unique sense of fashion, but this video definitely takes the cake.

It starts off as Jamie Foxx with an afro wearing an orange suit with a zebra striped shirt. The camera then pans to the Migos. Quavo is sporting an afro with large round sunglasses, a fake mustache, a suit made of jean material and a ruffled white shirt. Offset is rocking the same afro, but he’s paired his with a large pair of lip-shaped glasses, a cream suit and a pink satin, ruffled shirt. Takeoff is seen wearing a blue suit with a ruffled white shirt, heart shaped glasses and a blonde afro.

 From HypeBeast.com

The funniest, however, has to be Drake, with his Jheri curl. He wears a bedazzled blazer and does his signature moves from his “Hotline Bling” music video. Everyone in the background seems to be enjoying themselves as they dance along to the song in their 70’s themed outfits.

 From VH1.com

During the video, they even stop to pay tribute to Quavo’s verse in their song “Bad and Bougie”, which is one of their most popular songs. Jamie Foxx asks “Which way does the culture ride?” and the answer is “Dat way.” The contrast between the serious nature of the song and the silliness of the video makes this music video one of the best to date.

Both of these hilarious music videos make me excited for music all 2018!


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