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I have always been a natural hair activist. Black hair is such a beautiful thing. I have been natural for more than four years. I loved my puff balls, bantu knots, and especially my natural curl pattern. As much as I loved it all, I wanted to try something new.

On Feb. 16 of this year, I made a very big decision in my life. This decision was to grow my hair into locs. Yes, you heard me right. I’m “locking” my hair!

Some of you might be wondering, what are locs? Let me tell you!

Locs are an amazing way to grow your hair into a beautiful masterpiece. Locs are created by coiling, twisting, or palm-rolling your hair. I started my locs by twisting them. Since my curl pattern is not as tight, this was a more effective way to start them. The tighter your curl pattern is, the quicker your hair will loc.

Locs, or “dreadlocks,” became popular within the African-American community around the time of slavery in the 1600s. When the slaves were kept on the boat for months at a time, their hair began to mat and lock up. The slave owners describe these looks as “dreadful,” creating the term “dreadlocks.”

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

The important thing about locs is being consistent on your maintenance. Maintenance involves washing and retwisting your hair about once a month or so. A product that I love to use is Jamaican Mango and Lime. For one, this product smells very good. They also have different gels and waxes to help start and maintain the locs. They also provide anti-itch spray and caster oils.

The method that I am using to grow my locs is the braiding method. Once my hair is washed and re-twisted, I get my locs braided into box braids to speed the locking process up. It has allowed my hair to bud, which means that the hair is tangling and knotting to form my locs.

 It has been two full months since I began the locking process. It has been amazing. I feel free! If you ever thought about locking your hair, I highly suggest you to. It is one of the best hair experiences you will ever have!

Chasity Drake is a senior at Georgia State University. She is currently studying journalism with a minor in psychology. In Chasity's free time, she loves to write poetry and short stories.
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