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Affordable Skincare to Clear Hyperpigmentation


Skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation requires a slightly different approach to the every-day beauty routine. Discoloration is most common in olive-toned complexions and other skin types that are more likely to produce melanin in response to injury. Anyone who has attempted to even out their skin tone knows how costly topical creams and beauty products can be.


 Here’s a list of affordable products/ingredients I use that have cleared my hyperpigmentation significantly:


Exfoliating Brush


                         $8 (Amazon)

I like to use this brush every other night before applying a face mask or astringent. The exfoliator helps increase cell turnover, resulting in smoother and brighter skin.


Aloe Vera


                                $1 (Target)


Aloe Vera gel contains vitamins and antioxidants that our skin craves. Using the gel consistently can promote anti-aging and cell-turnover rates. I’ve found aloe to be the most effective ingredient in spot treatment. For best results, try purchasing an aloe leaf in the produce section.


Vitamin E oil


                          $9 (Amazon)

Vitamin E oil promotes anti-aging and speeds up the healing process for damaged skin. This oil is completely optional, and can be replaced with other moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil. 


Turmeric Soap 


                                             $8 (Amazon)

If you don’t have the time or patience to apply turmeric masks every week, turmeric soap is a great alternative. It’s far less messy with similar benefits the home-made remedy provides.


Palmer’s Fade Cream


                              $5 (Walmart)

Although this topical cream may not be a natural ingredient, it works well for fading acne scars and other dark marks. Compared to other products in-store, I’ve found this cream to be the best deal for its quality.


There are other products I use like shea butter, carrot soap, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar that deserve honourable mentions. I also saw noticeable improvements when I stopped wearing make-up more than once a week. My skin is much smoother and visibly healthier as a result of using these skin- care products.


My name is Taylor Nicole Ward. I am a film/journalism student at Georgia State University. My goal is to share stories of misrepresented and underprivileged communities.
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