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Time to put your bikinis away and bring your books out to play; school is in session. While you might be excited to finally start working towards your major, or you’re nervous about your freshman year, we can all agree that the bill at the beginning of the semester isn’t pretty. So, if you’ve decided to save some cash by staying elsewhere, then here’s 6 tips for college commuters that you will want to know.

1) You will be tired. Commuting can be exhausting, especially if you have to deal with traffic. So always make sure that your classes that fit you. If you’re a morning person, pick early classes. If you’re a night owl, pick later classes.

2) It’s hard to make it to an 8 a.m. class on time. It might seem easy in theory, but when midterms or finals week comes, you might have to stay up late studying, making it harder to wake up the next morning. Unless you live very close to your college, you might want to opt for a later class.

3) Pick your classes on the same days. You want to limit how often you have to make a physical trip to school. To make that easier, make your classes on the same day. It is much easier to take five classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then to take five classes Monday through Friday. This way you’ll waste less gas, money, and trips.

4) Make your classes consecutive. If your gaps between your classes are too large, odds are, you’re not going to want to stay for all of them. In my first semester of my freshman year, I had a 4 hour gap between my 2nd and 3rd class. Needless to say, I didn’t go to my third class of the day as often as I should have.

5) Allot time in your schedule for things you need to do at school, like: visiting your advisor, eating lunch, checking out books, taking makeup quizzes. Trust me, you will not want to come back on your off day.


6) Make sure it’s actually beneficial. If your commuting from home to save money, make sure you’re not spending all the extra money on things you don’t need. If you decided to get an apartment to have privacy, don’t stay over your friends’ dorms every night.

College is what you make it, so it’s okay if you decided to commute. But it can be even better if you follow these simple tips

My name is Dobbin Johnson is a sophomore af Georgia State University. She is a proud Alabama girl with a love for family, friends, and all things southern. Dobbin wants to go on to own her own non profit organization and news network.
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