6 Things To Do When You Don't Have College Friends, Yet

Freshman year is said to be the start of friendships you'll keep throughout the four challenging, yet adventurous years. Commuting, on the other hand, can take you away from all of the bonding moments and after-hours activities on campus. Even though it may be difficult to make friends, that doesn't mean all all hope is lost. There are a number of things to do until you create those life-long memories with your peers. Here are a few things you can be to enjoy your own company:


Student Organizations

This one is a bit obvious BUT you should join student organizations at your school to see what you would be interested in. This way you're joining something that you like and your even making connections which could possibly lead to making new friends.


Food is the way to anyone's heart

Try new food spots. I am such a foodie at heart but I’m somewhat scared to try new things—mostly because I am a picky eater. Here are some good places to try out: Rosa’s Pizza (NY style and it’s delicious!), Kung FU Tea (the honey milk tea w/boba is yummy period), Blossom Tree, and MORE!!


Photograph by Nik


Pick up a craft

Get a new hobby, whether that’s writing or creating short films or even knitting!


Watch a blast from the past

Watch old sitcom shows or movies from the ’90s or early 2000s AND it has to be something that you have never seen before!! Some iconic films and series that I currently have on my list include That '70s Show, A Different World, 10 Things I Hate About You, 50 First Dates, and the list goes on. 


Create a YouTube channel

It can be for fun or you can pursue it seriously. You can post vlogs, beauty hacks, college advice, cooking videos, or anything that you enjoy doing.


Be a tourist in your own backyard

Visit cool places in your city. If you live in Atlanta, here are a few places to for a good start: ATL Botanical Garden, Centennial Park, Six Flags, CNN Center, and High Museum of Art.


Although you may feel as if you're away from all of the action, that doesn't mean you can't have fun on your own. College is what you make it, but you don't always need others to create memories. If making friends is on your bucket list, put yourself out there and form those connections with your classmates and peers. You never know who you'll meet!