5 Ways To Have a “Hot Nerd Fall” Like Megan Thee Stallion

Now that classes are in session, Megan Thee Stallion let us know that “Hot Girl Summer” is over and “Hot Nerd Fall” has officially commenced. Though the rapper is currently one of the hottest Hip-Hop artists, she is also still pursuing a degree at Texas Southern University. 

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During an interview with Access Hollywood at BeautyCon LA earlier this month, she said, “Being a hot girl is like a lifestyle, and everyone knows I'm still in college. It’s gonna be a real Hot Girl semester, you know what I’m saying? Real Hot Nerd Fall, so I’m just about to start puttin’ on for all my school girls.”

As a student with a busy career, Megan is an inspiration to all college women that we can accomplish anything and have fun while doing it. Here are five ways you can have a Hot Nerd Fall just like Megan.  

Plan and prioritize. 

While we may not be touring the world and working on albums, college students have a lot of other responsibilities to manage. The key to a successful semester is time management. Planners and digital calendars can help you stay on track of assignment deadlines, work shifts, and other upcoming important dates. Being able to see when and where you should devote your time will make accomplishing tasks easier.

Maximize campus resources. 

Everything you need to have an incredible school year is right at your fingertips. On Georgia State’s campus, there are an array of resources available to students in and outside of the classroom. Whether you want your paper reviewed before you turn it in or need help finding scholarships, GSU offers it all. For a full list of student resources, click here.

Tend to your interests.

Megan launched her career attending college and you can, too. Join clubs and organizations that align with your interests. This will help you build your resume and gain valuable experience. Interning or starting a business are two additional ways you can explore your interests and further your skills.

Own who you are. 

A real Hot Girl stays true to her authentic self and doesn’t dim her light for anyone. So, don’t be afraid to express yourself on campus. Whether it’s through your fashion choices or simply by speaking up in class, let the real you shine through. 

Enjoy yourself.

It’s so easy to get stressed by the workload that comes with being a college student, but don’t let that deter you from having a good time. Make it a priority to hang out with friends, explore the city, and attend campus events. Taking a break from studying is necessary for your mental health, so let yourself have some fun this semester. 


Although Hot Girl Summer has been legendary, it time to step off the boat and pick up a couple books. That doesn't mean you can't engage in the festivities after all your work is handled. After all, to be a Hot Girl is a way of living.