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5 Recycling Programs to Give to While Spring Cleaning

Good news collegiettes: Spring Break is underway! Finally, we can have a much needed break from classwork. In the past, Spring Break meant beaches, resorts, amusement parks and more. But, if you’re like me and paranoid to travel due to COVID-19, our break is looking a little uneventful. Sigh.

But that’s alright! A little Netflix, spending time with family, and relaxing at home never hurt nobody. Plus, now is the perfect time to reorganize and declutter your space. Yes, those flyers from freshman year, knick-knacks you thought would come in handy one day, and clothes that never see that light of day are ready to be tossed.

We all know how easy it is to get carried away when cleaning and choosing to toss everything in the trash. But, make sure to not overlook recycling. With the tons and tons of waste that end up in landfills each year, more items are recyclable than you think (in fact, 75 percent of America’s waste is recyclable). Here are five recycling programs to keep in mind when doing your spring cleaning.

Best Buy

Got any old VCRs from your childhood or an iPod that doesn’t work anymore? Best Buy will gladly accept these items to recycle. In their commitment to protect the environment, Best Buy has a recycling program in place that accepts a wide range of electronics, appliances and fitness equipment.

The company works closely with its qualified recycling partners to see whether each product can be repaired, repurposed or recycled. Best Buy is determined to reduce their carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030, along with the carbon emissions from their ENERGY STAR products 20 percent by 2030.

Blue Jeans Go Green

It’s a heartbreak felt by many when your favorite pair of jeans decides to rip in the seams. You try to sew it up, but honey, those jeans are worn-out beyond repair. There’s no point in donating them because they’re not even wearable, but you don’t want to just trash it either.

That’s where Blue Jeans Go Green comes in. This recycling program collects denim and recycles it back to its natural fiber state to be transformed into something new. Simply collect your denim (must be at least 90 percent cotton), package it, print and attach the program’s free shipping label, and ship it off!

The Bra Recyclers

With The Bra Recyclers, the company seeks to decrease the mounting number of textiles that get thrown into landfills each year by recycling bras. Collect all of your bras and either drop it off or ship it to their headquarters. From there, the bras are either donated to young girls and women in need, depending on their condition, or are recycled and repurposed.

Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Program

If it’s about that time for you to buy a new toothbrush, don’t throw out your old one. Instead, recycle it with the Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Program. In collaboration with TerraCycle®, these two companies have teamed up to form a recycling program that focuses on collecting used and empty dental care products.

Upon arrival, the accepted waste products go through a deconstruction process of shredding and melting into hard plastic that is later molded into new recycled products.

The Crayon Initiative

Every year, more than a half-million pounds of crayons are discarded each year. We’re talking approximately 60 million crayons. And since these beloved art supplies aren’t biodegradable, they never break down and continue to clog up landfills.

The Crayon Initiative has worked hard to help eliminate this problem. This recycling program receives crayons no matter the condition, from the leftover ones you have from your childhood to ones down to their last centimeter. The program proceeds to melt down the crayons and recycle them to be used in different art programs at children’s hospitals across the U.S.

With these recycling programs, you’ll not only be saving your space but also helping to save the earth. Have a safe and happy Spring Break!

Faith is a senior political science major and journalism minor at Georgia State University. In her free time, you can count on her either painting, baking, doing her hair, or occasionally playing guitar. From social justice issues to giving advice, read from a variety of topics that she is most passionate about!
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