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5 Plus-Sized Influencers You Need to Know

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

In the sea of straight-sized influencers, it’s hard for plus-sized influencers to stand out and make a difference. For these 5 plus-sized women, they have taken their platform and made a name for themselves.

  1. Saucye West

Saucye West is a plus-sized model and fat activist. She is passionate about true inclusivity in the fashion industry. West currently has a campaign called #fightforinclusivity. This campaign is to rally for real inclusivity in a world that only caters to straight sizes. You should follow her because she is a body-positive leader who is fighting for women of all sizes to have options in clothing.

  1. Maggie McGill

Maggie McGill is a non-binary, queer person who is a leader in body and fat liberation. You should follow her because she shows that you can be sexually liberated as a big girl and live an amazing life. She also gives tips and tricks on how to live a sustainable plant-based life. 

  1. AshleighCubbyBunny 

Ashleigh is a plus-sized lifestyle blogger from Brooklyn, NYC. She is very passionate about inclusivity and rights for sex workers. You should follow her because she is sex-positive and very vocal and informative about her beliefs from sex to body positivity and fat politics. With Ashleigh, you get the right amount of sass and class.

  1. BadFatBlackGirl

Sesali Bowen or the BadFatBlackGirl is an NYC-based writer who has written for Refinery 29 and Nylon Magazine. Currently, she has a book out called “Bad Fat Black Girl: Notes from A Trap Feminist“. You should follow her because she is a multifaceted woman who has done many amazing things. Bowen can write, produce and even rap! She is an inspiration and shows that you can do anything you want regardless of your size. 

  1. Meg.Boggs

If there ever was a real-life embodiment of superwoman, Meg Boggs is it. Boggs is a content creator, powerlifter, and mother. What makes her so amazing is that she is an incredible athlete who is a big girl. Her physical capabilities show that the image of what “fit” is can look like many different things. You should follow her because she inspires women to embrace their insecurities and live life unapologetically.

Great influencers don’t look one way. These women represent plus women who are beautiful and capable of being and doing great things. From being a writer, an activist, to a powerlifter, these women show that you can achieve anything you want and that your size doesn’t matter.

Olivia Johnson is an aspiring entertainment/lifestyle journalist from Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate student at Georgia State University majoring in Communication with a concentration in Digital Media Strategies. Olivia has written online content for Society 19, an online art magazine called The Venus and during her time at Columbus State University, The Saber, now called The Uproar. She enjoys writing articles about lifestyle, movies and TV and all things pop culture. She hopes to one day own her own entertainment /lifestyle magazine called Evolve.