5 Netflix Shows to Binge During Quarantine

With quarantine stretching into month 7 for some, we have a lot of free time on our hands. Luckily for us, we have the almighty power of Netflix at our fingertips! Here are a few of my personal favorites that I recommend anyone to watch. 

  1. 1. The Good Place

    The Good Place is an interesting show with a plot twist. If you love Kristin Bell, you will love The Good Place! The main character Eleanor is sent to Heaven-like a place called “The Good Place” due to the good and moral actions she made throughout her life on Earth. However, Eleanor realizes there is a mistake and does not want anyone to determine that she does not belong in “The Good Place.” As the show goes on, she actively tries to improve herself, and Eleanor begins to realize she does have the capacity to change for the better. My conclusion is that this is a great show for a light-hearted laugh and showing us that we can all improve ourselves and be better people!

  2. 2. The Office

    Micheal Scott Christmas gif


    This Office is a classic comedic show. If you haven’t watched this, this is the perfect show to binge! It takes place in a paper company with employees showing their daily lives at work. The Office is one of my favorite shows with the best jokes, and every character on the show is unique. You will get hooked to every character and their relationships. 

  3. 3. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things is the perfect 80s nostalgia show that keeps you on your toes. This show is about supernatural events occurring around a group of teenagers and how they deal with it. The plot is very engaging with different narratives that are all tied together. The acting from the younger cast is on point and makes you relate to them. It also has comedy and issues that teenagers can relate to. You will feel every emotion on, from happiness to sadness! Be sure to watch it before the next season comes out!

  4. 4. On My Block

    On My Block is a show dealing with teenagers who have to deal with many coming-of-age issues. It deals with highschool stress that teenagers face, but they also have to deal with two gangs in their neighborhood that are always fighting. There is a diverse cast, and you see different cultures from a different perspective. The show emphasizes that friends are essential in our life and can be our family and that real friends will always be by your side.

  5. 5. Black Mirror

    Black Mirror blew my mind in every episode I watched, and each episode has its own story. It changes your expectations about the real world.  It shows you the dark side of social media and technology. The plot for every episode can go from romance to horror to comedy. It relates because it can dive deep into the character’s emotions. The show can give you an insight into how our future could be. ​

Overall, these are a few of my favorites that I still watch from time to time! You can also watch these shows with your friends using the Netflix Party Chrome extension, so you don’t have to miss out on your weekly girls’ night in! Happy bingeing!