Why You Need a Hammock Right This Minute

Spokane has been warm and sunny for the past two weeks (with the exception of just a few days) which means everyone is opting to be outside. Whether its tanning, studying, reading, or chilling with your friends, being outside gives everyone some Vitamin D and makes the day even more perfect. My new favorite hobby when I’m outside is sitting in my new hammock and working on some homework in the sun!



When I first realized it was warm enough to sit outside and do some homework, I took full advantage of it. Right after my afternoon class, I went right to the lawn and sat down to study for a bit. I was a rookie and sat down on the wet grass (woops!). Learning from this sad mistake, the next day I brought my blanket with me to lay down on the grass. While this did keep me from getting wet grass stains on my pants, my blanket was really large to lug around campus. Despite this, I kept up with it for the week but soon I felt like I needed an upgrade.


Inspired by the many students and their hammocks around campus, I drove to REI and bought myself my first hammock. This was the best investment I have made in a while! When I got back to campus, I walked down to the side of McCarthy and tied my hammock up between two trees (which took me a few tries at first). I hopped in and grabbed my laptop to get to work. Ever since my first hammock session, I have yet to study outside on the grass and always opt to hang in my hammock because of all the advantages I discovered.


First off, I no longer get wet grass stains on my pants! Second, it is extremely portable. My hammock rolls up into a small pouch which I can easily store in my dorm, or clip to my backpack throughout the school day. Finally, it relaxes me even when I am stressing out over studying and homework. Writing an essay has never felt as stress-free as it does when I'm swinging in my hammock!


Maybe next time you’re looking for a new investment, try out a hammock! They are great just to relax in and chill with some friends, or be productive and work on some homework before the school year ends! Check out REI for all your hammocking needs.