My Internal Battle with Brandy Melville

One of my all-time favorite clothing brands is Brandy Melville. The quality is the best, the shirts are the softest, and I’ve never seen any item online that I haven’t loved. The clothes are the perfect combination of on-trend and classic. The pricing is great, especially for my college student budget. Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s because it is. Brandy Melville does not believe in sizing their clothing.

If you’ve never checked out Brandy Melville, you might be wondering, “How does a store not size their clothes?” That is exactly what they do. Nearly every article of clothing is offered in “one-size-fits-all.” 

It breaks my moralistic code to shop from a store that is so blind to the fact that women are obviously not all the same size. To categorize all women into the same “one size” halter crop top is extremely ridiculous and detrimental to anyone that doesn’t fit this image. 

And have you seen their Instagram? I don’t think there’s a post on there that I haven’t liked. But if you look closer, you will notice that all of the models are extremely skinny. I’m not saying that is a bad thing at all, but a little bit of diversity in size would be nice to see. It’s just unreasonable. If the brand models their sizes based off of these models’ measurements, an extremely tiny percentage of the American population are actually able to shop from this store. 

At this point, I’m stuck. I love the clothes, I really do. I’m not going to lie about that. For now, I am stuck on some middle ground between wanting to buy every last bomber jacket on this website and wanting to protest this ridiculous “one size” mindset.  

How do you feel about the one size fits all ideal Brandy Melville advertises? Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts below.