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Maximizing the Last Two Weeks of a Semester

The last two weeks of the semester are by far the worst two weeks of any college student’s year. At this point in the school year several things are happening for everyone:


1. Your relationships become a little tense. Your group of friends that only hangs out with each other is starting to have some conflict. You love your roommate, but her habit of snoozing her alarm clock every morning is really starting get on your nerves. Maybe you’re just no longer vibing with that boy you’ve been talking to all semester.

2. Classes and homework are all miserable. Tbt to when you used to spend hours on your reflection papers for philosophy to ensure A’s, now you spend maybe fifteen minutes on one and you’re are content with B’s. Those puns that your teacher says at the beginning of class that used to be funny are now driving you crazy.

3. Your sleep/eat/socializing schedule is wild; not much more to say there.

If any of these apply to you, you might need some tips to help reenergize and give life to your college routine.


1. Exercise! Exercising is a wonderful way to break out of your boring routine, make yourself feel like you’re actually accomplishing something, and gives you a great study break. Carve out time in your study schedule to go on a little jog or sign up for a fitness class.

2. Incentives. Give yourself fun things for accomplishing work. Instead of procrastinating on a paper, set milestones for yourself. So say to yourself, “If I write a page I can go buy myself a coffee, when I write two pages I can check Facebook.” Small checkpoints on the road to finishing work!

3. Scenery. Sometimes we all need a change of scenery whether that be people, homework spot, or dinner destination. Spice up your last two weeks of school by asking that girl down the hall who’ve you’ve never really talked to, to get coffee with you. Get yourself out of the library and head over to the Hemmingson Den or one of the coffee shops that are close to campus. Instead of eating at the COG, check out one of the many restaurants that accepts Bulldog Bucks.

4. Breaks. Don’t be afraid to take a break from the grind and to take a walk downtown for some shopping or fresh air. It’s essential to stay mindful of your health and this means stopping to smell the flowers and remember what makes you happy!

At the end of the day, just remember that you’re almost done with this semester! Don’t waste these last to weeks in an effort to just get home.


Colorado native. Junior at Gonzaga University studying International Relations, Philosophy, and Military Science.
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