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How to Study with a Digital Detox

Right as the new semester is getting back into full swing with papers, exams, and quizzes galore, sometimes you might feel like you’re juggling way too many things at once.  However, I am here to help you find a quick and easy solution to help you through the stress of it all. It is called *drumroll, please*, A DIGITAL DETOX! Now I know you may be a little cautious at first, but trust me, these few tips have been such an amazing help when I am drowning in homework and just cannot seem to focus.


Turing Off Your Phone for an Hour:

This is probably the easiest way to get reading, studying, or any other form of homework done quickly.  Often times, our phones suck us into the wide world of Twitter and Instagram before we even know it.  Although you may just want to text your friend back really quick, social media apps can suck you in! So the next time you really need to focus, just turn your phone off (or at least on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode) until you feel prepared.


Stay AWAY from Online Distractions:

So your phone is off and you are finally writing your essay…. But now that you are on your computer, Facebook and Buzzfeed just seem like the perfect distraction.  The easiest fix that I have discovered is downloading the app called ‘Self-Control’.  This free, online download is the most effective way to get rid of online distractions.  All you have to do is simply set the timer for as long as you plan on studying, then you’re all set! Once the timer is on, you will no longer be able to access various social media websites.  You can even add your own to the list to make sure you get rid of all of your favorite distractions. You can download the app HERE!



I know this one is obvious, but it’s the most overlooked tip for efficient studying! Before you start, make yourself some calming tea and get comfortable.  You will be able to study much better if you feel calm, not agitated.  Studying is never fun, but you can make it a little more bearable.


We at Her Campus Gonzaga know that studying and essays can be difficult, so just remember to not worry and you are going to ace that next exam! You are powerful!

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